Need help picking school for finance major!

I'm going to stop you right there just to give you some advice about the finance business with regards to trading. If you want to trade, do not think that a job as a broker will get you there. Clerk on the CBOE, NYMEX, ect. But do not think that quasi-related positions will get you trading as a career. </p>

<p>Two things will get you a trading job: Trading will get you trading. Physically supporting traders (typically as a clerk) can get you trading.


<p>What are you talking about here? Have you heard of the story of Jesse Livermore?</p>

<p>Jesse</a> Lauriston Livermore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</p>

<p>"University of Michigan Ross- Great trading platform/system, good ranking, known by many. Con-expensive, located near Michigan River which has a lot of dioxin."</p>


<p>Where is the Michigan River? I can't seem to find it on a map. What in the world are you talking about?</p>

<p>"I know there are a lot better schools for finance such as Wharton, McIntire...but I probably wont get into those Tier 1."</p>

<p>Michigan, is as good, if not better, for finance than McIntire. I am not sure where you are getting your information, but you need to talk to some other people. You really should post these comments at the business majors forum here at CC. Posters there will enlighten you more than the general comments here.</p>

<p>Well, per your link, Livermore followed the first of my two recommended ways to a career in trading, 'trading will get you trading.' He wasn't an I-banker, Venture capitalist, involved in Equity research, or a retail or institutional broker. He was a form of speculator that today would be termed a trader.</p>

<p>Thanks for posting that, I'm thinking that the book mentioned in your link, "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" looks like a good summer read.</p>


LOL, this is a great story. But an anecdote ot two doesn't refute the general truth, plus he lived in the early part of the 20th century, before computers and many regulations that changed everything. I would question the relevance of that example on both those grounds.</p>

<p>To the OP: Of course it is wise to be smart about your environment and what you put in your body. However, you won't find anywhere any longer that has no risk of something popping up unexpectedly. Unfortunate, but true. Anyway, rjk is right, there is a Huron River that runs through Ann Arbor, but not the Michigan River as far as I can see.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone...after researching up more on Ross I learned you have to retake the prerequsities as well as only accepting fall transfers so thats crossed off for my Spring transfer. </p>

<p>CSU will def be considered as a backup plan....but Baruch sounds better than SLO?</p>

<p>TBH, i dont know too much on steps to being a trader at a legit firm....but my plan was to study TA on my free time and go to a school that has a good finance program that also focuses on trading such as Tulane/UIUC and compete in contests, impress with %gains even in a bear market.....and hopefully get recruited....but if thats not the way let me all ears such as you mentioned Benetode, trading or being a clerk. </p>

<p>I probably wont "fit in" in the South, but if I need to go there to get a place in and learn...I would def do it....Chicago sounds def nice</p>

<p>Also I was checking out TA's of the year awards and the winner was from Concordia ....
After checking out Concordia....I noticed they have a trading lab as well.....
And so far by the time I graduate...I have a feeling Canada with all the rich resources might be prospering......Hmm....</p>