NESCAC Athletic Recruiting

Good info.

And when they tell you to go TO it may not always make sense to you. DS had a 1540 SAT and was told to go TO by the Tufts coach. 1540 is above their 75 percentile according to the last CDS.

It was the only school where we heard this. JHU, CMU, MIT, other Nescacs and Ivys were all good with that score.

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She didn’t explain section scores to the coaches because she felt like it was telling them/questioning how they do their job. We also didn’t feel like specific questions about their plans seemed appropriate. I have to assume that if the coaches have to submit section scores to admissions as part of a pre-read when they submit an overall composite score for a recruit, they would know whether admissions should see them or not. As someone else said, the worry is that admissions can’t “unsee” them once they do. Would love to hear others’ experiences/thoughts on this.

We have no issue with DD going TO, though the score for your DS was quite high, so that’s surprising! Was your DS’s score submitted as part of the pre-read and one of the outcomes was they said to go TO for ED?

I guess so. Coach had all academic info. Was offered a spot at the OV so the ‘pre-read’ already happened, though, I can’t recall any official pre-read process. Tufts wasn’t high enough on the list that we were hanging on their every word.

My D22 submitted scores to coaches, who advised her not to submit them via the portal to admissions for the pre reads. Her composite was above median but uneven. Her math SAT was significantly higher than her reading. In both instances, the coaches felt her lower reading score would not help even though she wants to be a STEM major and the total was above the median for the school.

That’s a long way of saying that the coach will likely provide advice before the pre read submission.

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That is interesting, that your daughter submitted directly to admissions, because I don’t think that’s the case most of the time! The coaches for my daughter said the info. was going directly to them (the coaches) first. Both said their schools are TO, but D gave the coaches (as part of pre-read) her composite and section scores (I suppose she didn’t have to, but not sharing them felt like she was hiding terrible scores). She figures (HOPES) coaches would know by looking at them whether to submit them or not to admissions. She was confused because during prior conversations they said they needed a certain score, but then when D was given the directions to submit pre-read info, they gave her the choice of whether or not to submit them. How would she know? She decided to go ahead and submit since she reached that minimum target score. Hopefully they’ll know whether or not to submit to AO with her other materials, which are strong.