New FAFSA rules, need help and guidance

Here’s website with info about all kinds of healthcare and healthcare adjacent professions–including many you’ve probably never heard of.

The site includes a searchable database where you enter the desired salary range and years of schooling

Explore Health Careers

And the idea that doctors only come from elite colleges is just plain wrong. Doctors from every type of college. Medical school adcomms place very little weight on the name of the college an applicant comes from. Admission is dependent on the what the applicant does and achieves during college, not what college they attended.

he pays about 20000 a year. I figure that may be the target I should be shooting to save for.

If you can afford $20K/year–look at the University of New Mexico. With auto-merit, your D would get instate tuition and currently UNM’s tuition, fees, dorm & meals is under $20K/year.

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University of Pittsburgh is a good one to check out for the combination of a very strong pre-med program and decent merit aid for non-PA residents.