Newt's Bulldog Day 2005 Wrap-up (Thoughts / Pictures / Movies)

<p>wow, i guess you really do dislike high school.</p>

<p>I thought it was boring anyway, but coming back to it after being at Yale for four days is downright painful. I've taken to daydreaming about the classes and panels I sat in to keep my brain stimulated.</p>

<p>I had an English paper due on Monday (the 18th) and a biology test that same day. When I came back on Thursday, I told my bio teacher I'll take the test on Monday (because I would be gone again on Friday), and I told my English teacher that I didn't do the essay. I'll turn it in eventually, of course, but I would never have thought of being so blatant about not doing my work a few months or even weeks ago.</p>

<p>Has anyone seen this?</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;</a></p>

<p>You need a username/password to enter though.. anyone willing to share one? :) ;)</p>

<p>I found that too :). I tried a few guesses but then gave up, because I didn't feel like being intrusive.</p>

<p>It's the first test! We must gain entry! :)</p>

<p>Well, the girl that I stayed with had a friend who wanted to be in YSECS, and she found out that it's only been in existence for a few years. She told me that it's not sanctioned or anything, so people should be careful because she doesn't think the administration would be lenient and would just expel people if they get caught.</p>

<p>That's just what she told me, but I've known her for 12 years, so I trust her skepticism.</p>

<p>What's YSECS?</p>

<p>Yale Society for Exploring Campus Secrets</p>

<p>did any of you go up in harkness tower? it was AMAZING</p>

<p>cough cough NO, THAT NEVER HAPPENED</p>

<p>i went! i guess i met you guys and never realized it.</p>

<p>i was there (AT THE MEETING THAT NEVER HAPPENED), too. what do you look like?</p>

<p>I added another movie I just made. It's kind of a collage of the others, but it has some music and such in the background :)</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> 19.7MB</p>