Nicest Library?

<p>Vassar's library.</p>

<p>Vassar! Home</a> - Vassar College Libraries</p>

<p>I second Vassar.
Wesleyan's is also pretty nice.</p>

<p>In the "modern" category, I'd give it to NYU.</p>

Brown's libraries (the "Rock" and Sci Li) definitely get my vote for the ugliest library exteriors.


<p>Clearly you've never been to Brandeis. My alma mater takes a backseat to no school when it comes to hideous architecture.</p>

<p>I think that Columbia's Butler Library is particularly impressive (at least on the outside), especially at night.</p>

<p>There are many libraries on the campus at Univ. of Southern California, but for beauty I think the Mudd Hall Philosophy Library is a gem. Leading up to the library are a series of arches and beautiful landscaping. The building is often seen as a background in films.</p>