Non Honors Chem or Honors Physics for Junior Year?

I am a currently a sophomore and I have run into a predicament. Should I take non-honors chem( because I do not meet the course requirements for honors and my guidance counselor said that your NEED the course requirement which was honors science freshmen year.) or honors physics. I am much more interested in ap chem or ap bio but cant take either due to the stupid course requirement. Any Advice?

What would you take senior year in each case? If the question is just the order in which to take chem and honors physics, there’s no real difference as to how others would perceive it and the choice would be a matter of continuity. If instead taking one or the other would open up a new choice for senior year, please explain. : )

I dont know if like Honors Bio 2 or like AP Environmental (Requires Chem 1) or Human Anatomy would look better than a non honors chem.