Northeastern EA class of 2023 chances

Chances for Northeastern university EA class of 2023:

GPA: uw: 3.72 w:~4.2 (upward trend) (42/273 weighted class rank)
7 AP’s, (biology, English 11, English 12, physics 1, government, psychology, calculus AB), IB Physics 12 senior year , many honors classes
ACT superscore: 33 (33 e, 33 m, 33 r, 31 s)
 -visited campus

EC’s: -8 varsity letters for two sports within my four years.

  • captain of both of them my senior year
    -founder of the table tennis club
  • ~350 volunteer hours
  • volunteers tennis instructor for little kids.
    -four mission trips
    -no “hooks”

My main worry is the fact that I’m not in the top ten percent of my class. What do you suppose my chances are of being accepted?


I would be more worried about misspelling “reccomendations (sic)”, not capitalizing “university” in Northeastern, the plural “volunteers” referring to tennis instructor, and the extra space between “senior year” and the accompanying comma. Get that this is the internet, but if you made like mistakes on your application, I would be more worried about that than not being in the top 10% of your class.

My application is all set in terms of grammar. That is good advice though so thank you. CC is just less formal so i forgot to edit my post. @BrooklynRye

All kidding aside, you have a great academic record. Try to relax and enjoy the ride. It will come, to a successful, end soon enough. Good luck!

Thank you! @BrooklynRye

@PengsPhils Could you please chance me?