Northeastern Merit Aid

how do you appeal scholarship ? write / email to which department ?

I don’t think you can appeal scholarship (can only appeal financial aid).

Once more…all of these colleges are places where you can be a student with a premed intention. It’s not like one is any better than the others.

Are you instate for UConn or UMass?

I’m instate for UMass and would essentially pay instate tuition for UConn.

To answer the original question, I believe it is of accepted students. Under 50% of the school gets merit easily, and that 10-15% number has not changed along with the acceptance rate.

@PengsPhils thank you for clarifying. My info is based on several NEU grads who did coop, and all took longer than 4 years to do so.

I’m wondering how the coop terms interface with courses that are full year courses…things like the upper level sciences.

Or can all coop work be done during summers?

@thumper1 I think you meant to respond here:

I went ahead and quoted you and replied there :slight_smile:


Wondering if this student really can bring their coats down to UConn rate by doing the coop option.

At any rate…that’s not going to help with the first year!

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@kmmord. I have never heard of NMSF scholarship stacking with other merit aid. The max NMSF has been $30k for the last few years so I am not sure you will get more. But if you do, please do let us know for the benefit of others.

I called and asked and was told that she would get an additional 3-5K. She got the 30K just for the honors college. She just had to list NEU at her final choice on NMF site by end of March.

There is no NMSF scholarship. It is only for Finalists. They do not stack. If a Finalist the Honors scholarship may be replaced with the NMF scholarship.

This is not true, I received an initial honors scholarship of 35k per year, which was replaced by my NMF scholarship of 70k per year

Was this for fall 2020 admissions?

My DD checked her portal today and the $30K honors scholarship was replaced with the 35K NMF scholarship. She’s happy to get another 5,000/year!

She is not getting any financial aid. I’m wondering if the 70K National merit scholarship mentioned above is a combination of merit money and financial aid.

Does the grant and NMF scholarship stack up now?
Back in 2017, My daughter only received $30000 on NMF scholarship with Honor status, it replaced her original Dean’s Scholarship. And also replaced the grant because our initial grant of $20000 was replaced by the Dean’s Scholarship.
So the NMF scholarship is $35000 now, I see…

No one at Northeastern gets $70,000/year in merit. Recheck your documents.

$70000 is about full ride. Unless you got selected as Torch Scholars?

Ah wait I think I may know what’s going on here. The NMF must have been 17.5K a year for a total of 70K. In that case, the honors scholarship would be worth more, and the COA would be 30K per year likely. @collegeguyinusa can you check that this is not the case?

The NMF scholarship My daughter received is 17.5k per semester. She originally received the honors scholarship which was 15K per semester. She will still be in the honors program.

Great news @kmmord! Thanks for sharing. In the past, NMF scholarships used to be full tuition then kept dropping over time to a max of $30k (but not guaranteed.) So that is great that they gave your D an additional $5. I was worried you thought you would get the $30k NMF on top of other merit aid. I would also agree that I suspect the $70k mentioned above is likely need-based aid along with NMF funds.