Northeastern University Waitlist Fall 2022

To clarify, the letter implied that students were not being admitted this year off the WL for Boston campus? TIA.

Correct. The actual wording was “Please note, we are not able to offer fall admission to any students from the waitlist for the 2022 term.”

However, this was on the letter where they were offering admission to, so it obviously didn’t mean no places at all, just none to the main campus.

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Thank you. Not the news we wanted to hear but it allows DD to focus on her other school now.

We were just notified rejected off of wl Boston campus today. I didn’t realize they “reject you” vs closing the list. The night before grad was just terrible timing even though we were planning for the school committed too. Closing wl would have been better than straight rejection. Anyone else here this too?

Aren’t they both the same? If they announce that the WL is closed and you weren’t offered a spot then that’s the end of the road.

The outcome is the same, of course, but it does make a difference in my opinion. Rejected from all schools other than safety’s is devastating for us personally given our circumstances. So a “wl close “ vs rejection, does make a difference to us.

Yes, my DD22 also received the same email. ATP, we were expecting it and she’s already committed to another school. Sending positive energy to those still holding out and to those who have made alternative plans.


I understand the psychology of what you are saying. I do.

But the reality is that when you are offered a waitlist spot, it is a rejection.

However it’s a hedge for the benefit of the school.

Frankly you can only attend one school. If doesn’t matter if it’s a reach, target it safety. Both my kids are at their safety and both got into reaches.

That your child has a wonderful experience is what matters. So have her get giddy for where she’s headed.

It’s NEU’s loss. Not yours.


Daughter got waitlist rejection yesterday but going to UCLA so couldn’t care less.