Northwestern Class of 2027 Official Thread

idk, my financial aid tab is gone from my portal

I never had it???

The paragraph with 3 lines, withdraw request form and Financial aid are there. don’t know what that implies. Looking at last year’s forum, it doesn’t mean much. People who did have the paragraph and didn’t both got in.


Did you apply for aid, and now it disappeared? Mine’s still there.

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yes, i think i used to be able to see what i submitted for financial aid but now i only see the “academic” checklist. but honestly i might have never had a financial aid checklist and im mistaking the portal with other collegw

If you applied for aid, you would’ve had a checklist

I applied for aid and never had a checklist. I’m 100% sure

Nope. I didn’t and I am sure of it. Never had a fin aid checklist EVER.
Maybe coz I’m international?

Ah, my bad. I have no clue how it would vary for internationals.

Is there anyone domestic who doesn’t have it?

My daughter’s checklist is still there. There are 4 tabs across the top, the last one being financial aid. When I click it, there are a bunch of paragraphs and at the very bottom is the checklist. It’s much shorter than other schools and only has a few items (but that’s how it’s been all along on her profile here).

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Same no checklist for me too.

do you guys know when decisions are coming out

March 24

Same. I never had a checklist too and I am pretty sure.

To those with their FA checklists gone:

-Are you domestic or int’l?
-Do you still have the little paragraph on the top of your Application Status that ends with saying that decisions will be released on the 24th?
-Do you still have the withdraw button?

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No checklist, International… Never had the checklist EVER (I did apply for aid)

Withdraw form doesn’t mean anything. It was debunked in ED
Neither does the paragraph. Many accepted ones on YT had the paragraph. Many that didn’t got rejected/WL.
I believe that there are no “signs” for NU, unlike Berkeley/Cornell, etc


Yup true, I’ve never had the checklist.


Theres a tab to click on for financial aid at the top.

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Pretty sure that international students never had it

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