Northwestern Fall 2021 Transfer

When do you guys think decisions will start rolling out?


Is anybody applying to SESP? Or have any idea if it’s harder to transfer into as an outside transfer?

Hey everyone, I am twenty-six years old soon to be twenty-seven in May. I am so late to the college scene as I was in the United States Navy for four years after high school. My high school grades were not the best as at the time it was not something I cared for much, around a 3.0 GPA but mind you I started high school twelve years ago. I am applying for the Medill School of journalism and have been a student at DePaul University the past couple years and carry a GPA of 3.91. My uncle is in the Medill hall of achievement and my grandfather and grandmother both graduated from NU. I look forward to chatting with you all in the future!

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Are we allowed to submit the Common Application mid-term report to Northwestern?

If its not listed as a requirement they don’t want it

I really hope before May!

Hey everyone! I was super excited to apply again, I applied last year and got denied but NU is still my top choice. Here is a bit of context and some of my stats/involvement that I find relevant since I wanted to see if you guys could give me some feedback and whether you think I have a good shot at this hahaha.

Sophomore transfer applying to the School of Communication as a junior from a large public research university.

College GPA: 3.92, with a mix of general education classes and more advanced classes in business and communication.

HS GPA: I think a bit over a 3.8, but I don’t think any of my HS stats are as relevant as my college one since I’m applying as a second-year.

College Involvement:
Marketing director for a university-specific organization
Volunteer with several non-profits on campus
Had a marketing/communications internship this past winter
Public relations director for a humanitarian organization on campus
Member of a professional business fraternity with committee involvement
Public relations assistant for an environmental startup in Europe
Talent assistant/coordinator for an international leadership/entrepreneurship organization (this activity is my most extensive one and the activity that takes up most of my time during the week)

Letters of Recommendation: a strong 9/10 if not a 10/10, got really close to two professors (one in a communications class another in a journalism elective I took); even got some award in my journalism class for the best final essay out of 150 students lol

Thought my NU essay was super detailed and really demonstrated my passion for the school/why it’s a good fit for me. The generic personal statement not so much, pretty similar to the one I wrote last year.

Accepted last year to NYU Gallatin, rejected at Columbia. Also applying to a few small liberal arts colleges.


Hi. I applied to Northwestern!. I am super excited yet very nervous. There is one thing that is worrying me a lot. I applied to Northwestern after the deadline due to a few issues. I applied on March 19th, so that is not too late. However, on my application checklist it shows that they have not yet received my application, college transcript and academic evaluation. But I send in all three of them. I know that people who apply before March 15th are notified earlier but the fact that they have still not received this stuff is scary :roll_eyes:

Hi everyone,
I applied to Northwestern for junior standing. All my materials were submitted on time prior to March 15th and I have confirmation of each being received by NU, however almost everything except for my application and academic evaluations says ‘Awaiting’. I was wondering if anyone else is having the same thing happening to them?
Thank you, and best of luck to everyone!!! :slight_smile:

yo whats up ppl. Im applying to weinberg. I have no expectations, but just thought I would give northwestern my best shot. Im only gonna share objective things, because honestly i cant judge the subjective things bro. hs gpa: trash for an indian, college gpa: 3.96, act=34, ib diploma received, a couple good test scores i guess lol, interning at f500 company yeah thats probably it for the subjective ■■■■. hope the best candidates get in, and just remember everyone we are already in college so if we don’t get it we are still chilling. just wanna make sure ppl arent too stressed out. peace

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college confidential fr used to give me anxiety last year during senior admission stuff

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hey, if you got an email from nu saying they received your application and you were able to open your portal, that means they must have received it and it’s just taking them a few days to process it in our system, at least I assume so. best of luck!

Thank you for the reply. I am just worried because its been quite a lot of days now.

Are decisions tomorrow? First wave

I hope so. Could be Thursday or Friday too

I am starting to get worried now. I have submitted the application since so long and they still haven’t updated my checklist

What makes u say that?

Are they not waiting until the 15th?

My checklist was almost all red until today, they just updated mine. I wouldn’t worry it just takes them time

Isn’t the first wave mostly rejections?