Northwestern Fall 2021 Transfer

we have no idea how it works, its def not by date though

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hang in there everyone! exactly 2 more weeks until we’ll all have a decision :blush: wishing you all the best in this final period of waiting


I think if u applied after march 15th, you won’t have a decision by may 15th :((

What makes u say so. Someone mentioned that some people whom they know that applied April 10th got their decisions in the first wave

someone applied april 10th and got their decision in the first wave. I just hope we can get our decisions soon to alleviate the stress of not knowing lol

agreed I really hope a good portion of them come out very soon, the more I wait the more anxious I get

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same here…but I also don’t want to get a rejection letter sooner :tired_face:

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Were they rejected or accepted?


I haven’t heard of anyone getting in who applied after march 15th tbh

Would it be plausible for me to update NU about being the salutatorian/valedictorian of my graduating class (CC) as an internship I received for this summer?

my best guess is that it won’t make a huge difference but definitely would not hurt to let them know

Is another wave coming out tomorrow? I can’t wait anymore .-.


it seems like it based on past years and the fact that the most recent wave was two weeks ago, but we can never be sure. I also can’t bear the wait :tired_face:

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hey guys, I was accepted on April 22nd to Weinberg
Rising sophomore with 52 credits (including first semester)
HS GPA: 3.8
College GPA: 4.0
SAT: 1500
Really strong essays and ECs
I already committed to start in the fall at NU, so anyone else that has also committed please hmu!!


i’m really praying we hear back tomorrow :upside_down_face:

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some of us will

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ahhh congrats!! :blush: :tada:

today is (maybe) the day the second wave comes out?! if it does, good luck to everyone! :slight_smile: we all worked so hard to get here!