Northwestern Fall 2021 Transfer

did they change their deadline to April 10?

You can submit an application for full consideration by April 10, but people who apply by March 15th will get notified earlier, I believe. So, March 15th was the “priority deadline” I suppose.

Does anyone know when the commitment date is for NU?

Are you subtly telling us you got in?! Haha


I wish! Ha, ha!

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NU received 500+ more transfer applications this year:/


How much have they been receiving previously?

Northwestern lol Northwestern’s acceptance rate falls to 6.8 percent


“The University received 2,855 transfer applications and expects to release results in May, Yates said”- the Daily Northwestern

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a homie hasnt taken calc 2… no way im getting in lol

Why would that matter? Did NW indicate that they want all transfers to have taken Calc 2?

wait does this mean that decisions won’t start coming out until may?

According to the NU common data set the admissions decisions are rolling and the commitment date is July 1. Don’t know if that tracks real life.

Decisions are on a rolling basis so my guess is that they will come out later this week or next week and continue through May 15.

i mean its not explicitly stated, but most schools of the pedigree of NW claim their competitive applicants should have completed calc 2. This is because at top schools calc 2 is usually taken freshman year in college of arts and sciences. just my thinking, but since its not a requirement i don’t think it will matter too much.

What days do decisions typically come out on?

Wednesdays i think

Last year, I think it was a Friday. (I’m basing this on last year’s transfer thread - Admits posted “decisions are out” on 4/23)