Note to self... Walk away from the online newspaper comments section!

Purposely?? Wow... I didn't know you could read Donna's thoughts.


<p>No I can't read minds. In this case it was what is called "an average bet". Fervently held biases don't pop up just occasionally. That's because a biased person is incapable of holding back. Whatever the bias, the one espousing it always feels entitled to do so by their deluded perception of their own self-righteousness. </p>

<p>And just as easy to perceive.</p>

<p>Why single Donna out? Why not mention lindz126 and consolation, who also did not include misandry in their lists?</p>

<p>I think you ought to read your own post and pay attention to a deluded perception of your own self-righteousness. Geesh.</p>

<p>Naturally, I've rarely watch Youtube, so thankfully I can say I have not been suckered in by their comments, and doubt I ever will.</p>

The dross of the internet can be found in online newspaper comments and You-Tube comments.


<p>Hmm, the only thing I've seen that compared to youtube comments is 4chan.</p>

<p>Except that youtube comments are pretty mild compared to 4chan :/</p>

<p>The worst for me was when my daughter's friend was killed in a terrible accident a couple of years ago. It was reported in the newspaper, television and of course the online news websites. Some of the comments people made were truly awful and hurtful; I couldn't even believe it. I know the friend's family saw these comments too, and it hurt them deeply.</p>

<p>I wish they'd just stop allowing comments altogether. 99% of them are not helpful in any way.</p>

Why single Donna out? Why not mention lindz126 and consolation, who also did not include misandry in their lists?


<p>I can't track every misandrist on this board. That would be a 24/7 job.</p>

<p>toblin - I'm so glad you're adding, well, nothing to this conversation that's about online newspaper comments and only feel you can participate by attacking people.</p>

<p>toblin is doing us all a service by modeling precisely the kind of commentary we have observed elsewhere. </p>

<p>I, for one, did not mention misandry not because I approve of it, but because it is not one of the prejudices commonly aired in our local newspaper online comment section. As I said, I'm sure it is to be found elsewhere, but those individuals do not frequent the site in question.</p>

<p>Thanks, consolation. I didn't mention misandry because it doesn't typically appear in those comments, which almost all come from an extreme right-wing point of view. Sort of like toblin's, perhaps.</p>

<p>But I undoubtedly should have mentioned racism, nativism, etc., which also pervade those comment threads.</p>

<p>I don't know why toblin thinks I'm biased against men and suffer from misandry, and why he chooses to single me out, as opposed to everyone else who shares my opinion. I hardly need to defend my bona fides, but my son is a man (even though I confess it's still difficult to think of him as one, rather than a boy!) I have a male cat. (Even though I did have him fixed, which I'm sure toblin would be happy to point to to support his thesis!) I have friends who are men.</p>

<p>Just because I wasn't one myself (not really), and couldn't live as one, and the things <em>some</em> men do to women bother me immensely, doesn't mean I hate men. </p>

<p>Most of the women toblin condemns as "misandrists" are married to men. How does that make any sense? Toblin, if you're looking for true misandry, why don't you go to, say, the MWMF* board, and leave everyone here alone?</p>

<p>*Michigan Womyn's Music Festival</p>

<p>I ventured into the muck yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. The local paper had a story about something that happened at our hs. It was taken out of context and presented in the most inflammatory way possible. The first few comments were predictable (it's all the fault of the liberal teachers, the kids are spoiled brats, etc). Well I waded in and wrote a fairly long response, noting that the person who brought the matter to the attention of the paper wasn't even AT the hs when this happened. I WAS there, and I explained the context and reasoning behind what happened. A few hours later I went back - I had 3 people thanking me for my "excellent" posting, and only one person continuing to complain. That person was being shot down by the other 3. </p>

<p>But I'll say that was a pretty rare experience.</p>

<p>It is rare, but follow the money. Inflammatory comments generate views and more imflammatory comments, which generate even more views. More views generate ad revenue.</p>

<p>LasMa - I'd not considered that, but perhaps you're on to something there. Plants, why not?</p>

<p>Lafalum - how did you identify yourself? As an employee? If so, are you afraid of being recognized from your post?</p>

<p>No, the article had to do with something that happened at an evening event. There were a lot of parents there.</p>

<p>All the news fit to print...and which will make us more money. </p>

<p>I have often thought we had "plants" like this from both parties in the Election forum during the time up to the elections. All it takes is one or two to create such hostility and plentiful posting.</p>

<p>Last year there was an unfortunate incident in our community where a gentleman fatally shot a teenager that was breaking into cars in the neighborhood. The man was acquitted at trial, since the shooting was in self-defense (the kid was lunging at him), but during the trial the comments every day on the paper's web site proved that the community was VERY divided, with opinions very strong and inflammatory on both sides. I wonder if any of the comments posted would be as cruel and threatening if they could not be anonymous.</p>

<p>Now a couple of weeks ago the paper posted an article of a family vigil held at the shooting site on the anniversary of the teenager's death, just to get everyone riled up again......</p>

<p>This link contains swearing and a concise explanation of the internet:</p>

<p>Penny</a> Arcade! - Green Blackboards (And Other Anomalies)</p>

<p>I stopped commenting on newspaper articles for many of the same reasons stated here. There was rarely any real discussion, but a lot of bigotry and name calling. I didn't feel I needed that.</p>

<p>I comment in newspaper comment sections just so that it's clear that not everyone in the world is a racist, homophobe or lunatic.</p>