Notre Dame Admissions Fall 2022

D waitlisted. She is very upset. Anyone get accepted?

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Accepted, applied test optional, 4.0 unweighted


Almost exact stats as my son. My son was accepted to out of state Texas A&M engineering which has about 5% OOS admissions rate. Lots of aid, great football super friendly and strong alumni. After the deferral, he moved on but like your daughter annoyed. He did two summers of early college programs on scholarship- both online. Second one was assured it would be in person or he wouldn’t have signed on for it but once they announced shift back to virtual he felt declining would hurt his chances of acceptance and the engineering class he was supposed to take was cancelled so he learned about something he had no interest in -cancer -again online. Annoyed is the right word!

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Daughter (International student)got accepted for Architecture. Not her top choice though.

DS waitlisted. Seems to be a lot of that… Also baffled. His academics are super strong + legacy. I’ve gotta think that other parts of his app just didn’t speak to the AOs - which is a bummer.

Sorry to hear. Must be disappointing given legacy. I think in the end we will all be reading articles about how incredibly, competitive it was this year. My feeling is that test optional world had created a more stressful college app process where students will need to figure out what school is their top choice, apply eat,y, hope for the best, and if you don’t get a spot, apply like crazy to any school you are willing to attend.


Congrats to all who got n - well deserved by everyone.

The Notre Dame admissions process is really tough so kudos to everyone who got accepted. Many, many high stat kids got rejected, including my own son, so good luck to all who didn’t get in finding a school that fits.

For those accepted, give yourself a pat on the back and appreciate how fortunate you are to be able to attend such a great university. Good luck in your Notre Dame career!


Does everyone in waitlist have the option to agree to future transfer?

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Accepted. IB Diploma candidate, 4.0, u ranking high school, (out of state).

Agree. We keep thinking there must be something about her app that just didn’t impress them for some reason. To us - she looks nearly perfect on paper but we are a little biased :laughing:
Best of luck!!


My daughter was deferred and waitlisted as well.


Same here. Trying to figure out if she send another Letter of Desire or just a brief email stating her intention to go if admitted with any updates since the last Letter of Desire? What could she say in another Letter of Desire that she didn’t already state in her very detailed one after being deferred? Seems like it would be so repetitive. Also, should she reach out to a professor in her department? Thank you for any advice!

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Did anyone get an invite for the Balfour-Hesburgh Scholars Program? I am SO confused because on the about page it says “The Balfour-Hesburgh Scholars Program (BHSP) provides high-achieving students from underrepresented populations, including, but not limited to, those from low-income backgrounds and/or under-resourced high schools, or who may be the first in their family to attend college, with a close-knit learning community of current students at Notre Dame.”

I am not low income, I attend a private catholic high school that is nowhere near under-resourced, I’m not first generation, I’m white…so confused how I got the invite for this! Wondering if I should even bother to fill it out as it seems like not all admits got the email, so they did go through and look at specific criteria?