Notre Dame Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

So far, my DS (Class of '22) has only heard minor changes. He has been encouraged to get his vaccine booster shot. They are scaling back Junior Parent weekend again. Admitted student weekend was amazing for me. The message and information was outstanding.

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Thank you! I think I’m more excited than he is!


Yes, you can’t apply REA to ND and ED to another school. EA is permitted:)

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Am guessing women’s lacrosse may not be of interest but my daughter is begging to come along to watch them play. She’s likely not strong enough to play for ND, but one can dream!

They sent out info for admitted student days, looks like you have to be vaccinated and boosted and show proof. Interesting because not all of the student body is; they allow religious exemptions for them to my knowledge.

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I have heard that several admitted students have been turned off by this policy. But you are correct that ND is accepting religious exemptions.

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Students with an exemption are required to wear a mask indoors and weekly surveillance testing. With so many schools shifting to online classes for the start of spring semester and other restrictions, the ND community is lucky that the university is committed to in person learning and a pretty normal college experience on campus.


Notre Dame is also cancelling several events. The band was not allowed to travel to the Fiesta Bowl. The cancellation was made at the very last minute; several band members were already en route or at the airport. However, it was safe for the football team, cheerleaders, and OSU band to attend and perform at the game. Also, the Right to Life trip to DC was just cancelled. And the women’s engineering skiing trip was also canceled. If you are not an athlete, you apparently have a much higher risk of transmitting C19, and cancellations are now the norm. Many of the students are not happy.

My students are very happy to be at school in person and with their friends. They left many hometown friends last week who are virtual for weeks. Maybe more. Notre Dame has done a great job during the pandemic. Not perfect, but this is not something any institution has handled perfectly. Last year, they gave the students the best possible experience under the circumstances. My kids complained and l reminded them that we are all going through life with restrictions and that their friends had school in their bedrooms at home. Is it disappointing for students and parents that some things get cancelled and others don’t? Of course. My son was unable to go study abroad. He missed the last football game because of quarantine. Part of that is the unfairness of life especially during the pandemic.
On a side note, it could be that the football team was in more of a bubble covid wise than the other groups going to the game. I dont know. Just guessing.


@Dis3456 - my DS is also a band member. While it was disappointing and appeared to be somewhat random, it was probably the right thing to do. My ND son is a twin. His brother plays for the ASU marching band that went to Las Vegas for their bowl game. They kept the festivities more isolated (battle of the bands at the hotel instead of on the strip, etc). After returning home, my ASU son was informed that 4 members in the his section tested positive. There were several others in the band that also tested positive.

What do we learn from this? Not all organizations have the same surveillance methods. And, not all groups have the same level of protocols. Athletes are required to follow much stricter guidelines than band members. I am not aware of any ND players testing positive after the game.

I am ok with the band not going. It was a big bummer, but I get it.

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Every decision made during this pandemic has been a difficult one. Universities are responsible for a great number of people, and they are doing the best they can. I have encouraged my older kiddo (at a different university) to give grace to those who have had to make decisions. Everyone is trying to do the best they can under ever-changing conditions and protocols. We don’t always have to understand anymore than that.

There are so many schools that are doing fabulous with no restrictions and no mandates. Their students aren’t experiencing last minute event cancellations. It’s sad that we have normalized what many schools are doing to our kids.

Are you aware that Notre Dame has guards at their isolation hotel? Talk to parents of students who have been quarantined, and you will find that the situation isn’t so humane. There’s a difference between extending grace and allowing administrators to run all over the students. Students are starting to wake up to this distinction.


Let’s stay on the topic of REA actions on this thread. If you want to discuss ND’s covid response please start a new thread on that topic.