Notre Dame Gateway 2025

I agree with all ckparent has stated. 100%

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Thank you. Ckparent’s input and your confirmation thereof really help in re: to setting realistic expectations and going in fully informed. Your input is much appreciated.

So helpful. Thank you. Really appreciate the pros and cons.

Do you happen to know or have any sense of whether the 9.0 class met its yield? Sounds like they aim for 80/yr.

I am sorry, I do not know. I have not yet received any official communications confirming the incoming Gateway 9.0 class size. If this year follows suit with past years, then incoming class statistics, including # of ND & Gateway fall 2021 freshman will not be released until August. Wishing you the very best during this most unusual admissions season. :pray::heart:

HI! My son Nick will be a 9.0,so excited for them! I have started a Facebook group for the parents on Facebook…would love to have you join…having a junior you would be a wealth of info….julie pietrosante

I started a parent group for the Gateway Parents…would love to add you if you have chosen this path!

Thank you! I am in the parent group! Grateful for you checking, Julie!

I have joined the parent FB group. Thanks! My college junior is not at ND. He is at the University of TX in Austin. My 3rd is a rising senior, so we are starting the college search process all over again. All 3 kids are so different and thus so are their college lists! Fun, fun!