Notre Dame Leadership Seminar 2023

Thank you and good luck to all!

My daughter applied to environment. Good luck to all.

ND has announced on Facebook that the decisions will go out tonight at 6:42.

Anyone got an email yet?

Not here.

Daughter just received her email - accepted!


Accepted! Power of Investing

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Accepted as well! Power of Investing. Congrats to everyone

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Rejected for investing. Great job to everyone though!

Waitlisted for power of investing… does anyone know how many individuals are waitlisted every year?

My daughter was waitlisted for environment

Could accepted students send their stats? Thanks!

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Rejected with 32 ACT, 4.05 GPA

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Rejected with 4.5 and 1350, top 5% of class

Rejected w/4.4, 36 ACT :kissing:, wonder how much emphasis is placed on having the “church-related” activities they mentioned in the application lol

Accepted with 4.96 GPA and 1430 PSAT

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I’m a little confused, how is this possible? Does your school have weighted freshman classes or is it measured on 5.0?

We have weighted Freshman classes

I didn’t have any church activities and I went in test optional. 4.7 GPA. It’s prob the essays and others ecs. But I ain’t the AO so I dunno.

Ahhh got it most schools in my area have like a max 4.7 possible