Notre Dame transfer fall of 2021

Accepted History!

3.84 college gpa, 4.2ish high school gpa

36 ACT

Legacy (lmao)

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Congrats to all who got in! I had a 3.86 College GPA, but I didn’t decide I wanted to try and transfer until second semester and since I tested out of half my Gen Ed’s at my school, whereas I wouldn’t have been given AP credit at ND, I didn’t have enough of their Gen Ed requirements filled.

I had a 3.85 both sems and didnt get in :frowning: lots of EC own a profitable business

D accepted! :partying_face:

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Hey y’all! Congrats to everyone got in I’m so excited to meet everyone in the fall. A couple of us made a groupme for the incoming admitted transfer class, link is below

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Looking for 3 ND Transfer Housemates!

I am looking for three ND sophomore female transfers to share a four bedroom townhouse at Irish Crossing with a lease beginning June 15. It is fully furnished and walkable to campus…the next best thing to a dorm (which we can’t get into)! I am looking for housemates who will sign the lease and be responsible for their share of the monthly rent ($1200/ each per month, plus utilities).

Here is a little more information about me so you know what you may be getting into: my name is Mia Wagner, and I am from Indianapolis. I am majoring in psychology on a pre-med track. I am transferring from Saint Mary’s and come from a big ND family—dad, uncle, brother, and cousins all attended Notre Dame. I like to stay active by going to workout classes or playing sports. I love to travel, so I hope to study abroad. I am easygoing, social, adventurous, and studious. I like to go out, but I enjoy staying in, too. Fun fact about me is that I sing and play the ukulele/guitar. I’m looking forward to attending Notre Dame and getting to know my fellow transfer students and my new housemates! If interested, please email me (

Instagram: mia_wagner4

Who told you transfers don’t get housing. They often do. Just wondering if it was different this year.

They state on the website that transfer campus housing options will be limited because the Fall 2020 class was unusually large. Transfers can apply to be on the housing waitlist and will be given spots as they become available. But there’s no requests allowed regarding type of roommate, room, dorm etc….just take what they offer.