Notre Dame waitlist current 2026 entry


Any new news? My kid hasn’t still hasn’t heard anything one way or the other.

@collegemom151 I am sorry, knowing how difficult this situation is! Unfortunately it is unlikely for your student to receive an update, before anyone may ultimately be admitted from the waiting list and/or the waitlist will be formally closed, which again is very unlikely to happen before the effects of the summer melt will be fully known. There has been at least one admission from the Gateway waiting list this year, which is great. Hopefully your student is content with the college/university she/he deposited with, at this stage of the process it is important to focus on attending there this coming Fall semester, in case nothing will change between now and then. Best of luck and success!

An ND representative just contacted our school college counselor’s inquiry to inform her that they trended well ahead of last year and do not expect to go to the waitlist.

Not the best news… but it gives some closure to those waiting.

Nevertheless, best of luck wherever your journey takes you!

We reached out today to AO and they are not going to waitlist this year. No answer for why 3,000 kids needed to be put on the waitlist. This exceeds the total number of freshman enrolling.


Maybe a “soft no” to alumni kids? ND is big on alumni and I am sure many are not happy when their kiddies don’t get in. Then again, massively oversized waitlists aren’t unique to ND either.

Thank you for posting this, it is very helpful to those of us with kids who’ve been waiting. I would have respected ND if they ad provided this update to all of the kids on the list. Seems the courteous thing to do.


Thank you for posting this. A bit of a bummer since waiting since May 3rd. I wish they would rip off the band aid and send out an email. Hoping your kids have a wonderful freshman year. If they were in the running for ND, they are going to shine anywhere they go.


I agree…if it’s really over, just let everyone know! This has been the longest year with high hopes from applying back in September, deferred in December, waitlisted in March…it has been the longest year for some just feeling like they’ve been strung along! Officially on to other things…although, I do believe if our daughter got a call a week before moving in, she’d still probably drop everything for ND!


Does anyone know if ND has a history of emailing when the waitlist is closed?

I think they do

Any updates? Is the waitlist closed or is this still unconfirmed?

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I got into the Gateway Program. I’m in shock


My daughter was just offered Gateway and accepted. Truly a miracle we did not expect at this point. I think we are all in shock still. I hope there is still movement for others. They have all worked so hard and deserve to have the opportunity. It has been a stress filled year but we always knew God had a plan, and we would accept whatever the outcome. These kids will shine and succeed wherever they go.


@Matthew_Baldwin @ProudToBeND Excellent news - congratulations!

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My DS got an email last night saying you have not been selected from the waitlist.


Same here. With some disappointment, but it brings much needed closure. So on to the next 4. D will be attending another fantastic Catholic university, with many advantages and blessings that she wouldn’t allow herself to appreciate before now. Time to move forward and get excited for our amazing kiddos… God always knows best. Good luck to all!


Same here and my daughter will also be attending another amazing Catholic (Jesuit) school and has gotten so excited that she wasn’t even sure she’d accept if she got a call from ND, so while disappointed too, this brings much needed closure to a very long process that began last October! Good luck to everyone and enjoy all the graduation festivities!!