Nursing Class of 2026 (Direct Admit BSN)

Thanks for the info!

Anyone from the New England area with a good handle on the nursing programs.
Daughter (4.1w gpa 1200 SAT) planning to apply to
UMass Amherst (big reach), UNH, UMaine, UMass Boston, Fairfield, Quinnipiac, Sacred Heart, Westfield State and Salve Regina. Most likely not sending SATs to UMass Amherst, UNH or Fairfield.
Anyone have a child with similar stats that applied to same schools and had good luck. I feel like there is no such thing as a safety school when it comes to direct admit nursing programs.

Any guidance much appreciated. Good luck to all!

I don’t have a ton of experience with those schools, but wanted to at least drop a line. We did a good bit of homework on UVM and Fairfield but D22 ended up not applying. Ultimately she decided Vermont is too cold, and Fairfield too small for her preference.

I totally feel/felt your pain about the competitive nature of direct admit nursing. My daughter has similar stats (3.98 UW, 27 ACT) and she just got notice of acceptance to her top choice, so stay positive!!

Nice! Congratulations. Do you mind sharing where she ultimately decided to apply and where she ended up? My daughter also considered UVM but ruled it out after a visit.

Sure! Some safeties and reaches all mixed in.

She applied to:

Penn State
U of SC (not DA)
James Madison (not DA)
Pretty sure she is accepting her spot at Pitt as it’s her first choice, but she may wait to see what the next few months bring.

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Can you talk about some of the ECS related to nursing that you showed? It’s been difficult doing any community service related work to nursing to do the pandemic. The pandemic for her started her Sophomore year and is still continuing. So the last 2 years of high school has been effected.

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Hi! So the ecs I did related to nursing were mostly back before the pandemic happened. I volunteered at a hospital every Sunday for a year and I also shadowed different kinds of nurses after every shift I’d volunteer there. I was the the president of the premed club though before and throughout the pandemic. Since your daughter has been effected by the pandemic for a long time, I wouldn’t stress too much about this though because most of the other applicants will be in the same boat as her. The admission people will definitely understand this and know that she wasn’t able to take up as many opportunities as students in earlier years.

What I would focus on though is getting leadership roles and honestly any other ec that she is interested in. In her essays, she can always relate those activities and what she learned from them back to nursing and how that will make her a perfect nursing student and future nurse. A couple of other ecs I talked about in my essays had nothing to do with nursing (e.i. starting a tutoring business, being president of science club, having a leadership role at the Red Cross) but I was able to relate it to nursing when I was reflecting on those activities.

My DD is also searching for direct admit BSN programs. We’re in OH, so looking at some slightly different schools. DD was already accepted into WVU for direct admit nursing. She will also be applying to U Louisville (10 direct admit spots / 3.0 to maintain your spot), Miami University (I think it’s only a C or higher in all classes to keep it) and Akron.

It’s kinda crazy just how competitive these programs have become. The ASN program at a satellite campus located close to home has become competitive and isn’t even a good fall back anymore. DD is a URM with good grades and an “ok” ACT score and she recognizes that she’s better off taking a direct-admit spot to a school she’d be okay attending than going pre-nursing to her dream school and possibly having to transfer or change major.


Be sure and check the school’s NCLEX pass rates for the last few years. That is a pretty important stat not to be overlooked.

Have her look at UMiami’s nursing program. When we were there visiting, one of the students in the info session was a nursing major and she made all of the adults in room want to go back to school to go there for nursing. They have a 4 story simulation hospital. She had helped “deliver” triplets that morning. It sounds like they are really doing some amazing work.

They meet 100% of need and offer merit. I think your daughter is well positioned to get a decent amount of merit from them. They also take the DE credits which is great.

Also, make sure to apply as a freshman not a transfer as transfer info does not come in until much later with most schools.