Nursing Class of 2027 (Direct Admit BSN)

Looks like we will be going through this anxiety laden ordeal together! LOL
Has your daughter considered University of Delaware? We haven’t had the opportunity to tour it, but I know many friend’s kids who loved it!

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She has not. She only wants to be in the South. I wish she was a bit more flexible, but she knows what she wants. LOL Keep us updated with your journey and we will do the same.


Anyone knows Xavier NCLEX passing rate? My friend graduated a few years ago, it was 100%, but a site shows much lower

That information should be readily available from the school (but also from the Ohio Board of Nursing). I don’t know if they report first-time passage rates or aggregate passing rates per class.

I will say that NCLEX pass rates are but one thing to consider in a nursing program. Having had a child go through a program and pass her NCLEX on the first try, it is very much an individual endeavor. If you don’t spend time after graduation studying or doing review programs like Mark Klimek’s (or whatever program works for you) it is much harder to pass. If you didn’t take your work seriously in school, it is much harder to pass. In Ohio I think you have unlimited tries to pass while you have a valid test number. I know several people who took two tries, and one who is gearing up for a third try. Those are all reported back to the school, so I would hope they are reflected in the numbers somehow.

So while the passage rates are an indicator, they are not the only indicator.

Also, I understand that the test is changing for the class of 23 - not all multiple choice but some free response. So 2023 rates will be very interesting, and not comparable to anything in the past.

Thank you!

Hello, does anyone know if UVM nursing is good? The supplement essay is optional. Is it better to write it for nursing? Thanks! Akila

I’m not a nursing person but here is their page with their pass rates which show above the national average for the past several years.

Typically people will tell you that optional essays - if they’re for all (not just kids with tough circumstances that caused bad grades) - that optional should be done - to help both with admission and more importantly merit.

Nursing B.S. | The Department of Nursing | The University of Vermont (

My daughter is also considering UVM for nursing. Are their clinicals right on campus at the hospital?

She’s also looking at Fairfield for nursing. Does anyone know anything about Fairfield?


I am not sure but I know they told us that things were really changing anyway at the school that should affect the passing rate. If I understood correctly, the nursing just became an independent school of nursing and got its own dean and assistant dean. As part of that, they just implemented a new nclex prep program (I think it was called ATI) to improve NCLEX passage rates. It is used all 4 years and supposedly has good results. We felt good after meeting with the school of nursing instead of just doing a regular visit and it is one of my daughter’s top choices. She liked the personal attention and the size of the school. She also plans on doing honors if she goes there which seemed very flexible.

You can likely find most of the answers to your questions (like clinicals) which I’m posting on their website.

You can also call (with your daughter) admissions or get set up with a prof I’m sure - to get your questions answered.

Clinical Sites - Medical Student Education | College of Medicine | University of Vermont (

Hi Guys, we are expanding application list. Can we get good recommendations in all regions except west and south west? We have PennState, Uconn, UNH, URI, UVM, UMN, PRUDUE, XAVIER, UDEL. GPA 3.6-3.7, ap scholar, ACT 29. Many thanks


If you look at the direct admit list I posted earlier it’s listed by state. So you can pull from there.

Consider UMaine as well.
My daughter is a freshman in the nursing program. She loves it.
I’d be happy to answer an questions!


@OceanAir That’s great! Is it hard to get in? I am curious where they have practicum. May I know how the school please your daughter?

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I believe students do most of the clinicals in the Bangor area hospitals, which is about 10 miles/minutes south of campus. It’s only been about 6 weeks- but so far she pretty much likes everything about the school except dining hall fare. (There ARE some better meal-exchange options on campus…)

She luckily has a great friend group already, meeting kids from all over the country. She has already joined the UVAC (Vol. Ambulance Corps), and there are opportunities to actually work as an EMT if she chooses to complete that training. This experience has introduced her to other, more seasoned nursing students who have been so supportive and helpful.

I cannot say exactly how hard it is to get in- but like most direct admit BSN nursing programs, it’s intense- and runs at around a 5-8% admission rate. D22 also got into URI and Sacred Heart Nursing, among others. ALL excellent options. Scared Heart & URI MUCH closer to home but UMaine won out! Can’t complain - they basically matched SUNY tuition.

Truly beautiful campus, Orono is a cute little town, and Bangor has everything you could need literally right up the road, including an international airport. We are very happy with her choice.

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I would also strongly consider Pitt.

Thank you for sharing. My daughter has been volunteering at the ambulance squard. Ambulance Corps is a great opportunity for her to be trained as an EMT!

We have applied URI and UNH. Do you know anything about these two schools in terms of academics in nursing, clinical hospitals, EC opportunities, campus, foods etc?

We applied in Aug but haven’t heard back. Pitt has sent acceptance letters for arts and science, even business, but not nursing. I wonder why

Umass Amherst/Boston/Lowell how tough getting BSN nursing?
How is NCLEX pass rating for these 3 schools/And Clinical hours?

I’m sure you have but have you checked their portal to ensure your app is complete ? Not missing anything ? Or had your student contact admissions to ask why ?

It could be their process is slower than other majors of course. Or that you are borderline and they need time ? Or they made a clerical error ?

Might be good to confirm the app is complete just in case.