NYU BPE Program (Business & Political Economy Program)

<p>Hey Guys,</p>

<p>I recently read about this new BPE program offered at NYU. Do you guys have any thoughts or experiences with this program? I am really interested and I was wondering if it was worth it and whatnot</p>



<p>I applied for it this year (RD) and I have yet to hear back but i'll tell you what I know. </p>

<p>BPE is a relatively small program inside of Stern. It's really unique and from what i know, there are no other programs like it. If you want to do international business, this seems like a perfect program. You get to study in New York, Shanghai and London. I know it's harder to get into than Stern, but that's really all I know. </p>

<p>My advice would be to look around this forum; there are so many better explanations of the program than the one i just gave haha. good luck.</p>