NYUAD ED 2 Candidate Weekend 2025 Invitation

I am from Mumbai…and you?

hey can you add my number to the group +923362046149

Hello, anyone received CW invitation yet?

Not yet…i hope we should wait for a week along

The waiting is unbearable haha. What majors did you guys apply for? I went for Social Research and Public Policy! :smile:

The test-optional policy spikes admission officers’ stress lmao

undecided-science bro

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me too!

also me!

Any updates? :smiley:

not yet

does anyone have the option to pay for fall 2021 deposit in nyu housing payments (nyu albert)

any updates?

GUYS I GOT MY INVITE 14mins ago!
international student from India


Wow that’s nice
Is CW Virtual?

Did anyone from Pakistan get the invite?

Do they send all the invitations at once or in a period of time?

Any news ???

Hi :slight_smile: Are invitations all out? I still didn’t received one… :sob:
Also anyone who doesn’t get an invitation means rejected from the school?

Do any of you guys know if there is a separate timeline for regular decision CW invitations? I couldn’t find a thread on CW regular decision so I have no idea when it should come out