I didn’t find any post so made one…
So if you are applying/ applied to NYUAD ED II, then please share your stats and from where you 're applying from …and later we can discuss the invites of CW II.

Hey, nice to meet you. I’m also applying to ED II and I’m applying from the UAE. My stats are SAT: 1550 and A Level Predicted: 2A*s and 2As. I wish all of you guys the best in your admissions process and hope to see yall in CW II

Wow! You have great stats and yeah, All the best to you too and hope to see you there

Hey my sat is 1460 with decent extracurriculars… what are my chances of getting in

hey guys! I am really unsure about applying early decision 2. My stats are fine, so I think I can get in but this schools is waaaaay out of my price range. My EFC is 33k, but my parents can only contribute 20k.

im applying regular decision :slight_smile:
submitting my IB score (40/42, or 42/45)
applying from thailand

Hi guys, I’m from India applying for ED 2.
I have a 1420 in the SAT , 800 in M2…My high school grades are all A’s with good extracurriculars .I really think my SAT is going to pull me down :frowning:

What are my chances of getting in?

You know…there are people like me applying to NYUAD with total hope and not that high grades…you all do have a shot at it…keep it positive…See you on the Other side?

I believe invitations for CW will be coming out soon. Plz share here if you get one!

Yes please! Fingers crossed we all get one!

Oh it’s so nerve-racking moment

Many are saying by 17 January, so fingers crossed till then…

@sophiarichie even I’m from India and I applied with CBSE grades but don’t worry the admission process is holistic so you never know…?

@lovely654 Nyuad is great at giving aid so don’t worry! Many ppl got in full aid and even monthly assistance so all the best!!

@Hellowwwchiiii bro don’t worry about chances, we never what will happen the admission process is holistic so…all the best!!!

people are getting their invites

anyone from Pakistan got invite?