****OFFICAL Stanford Transfer Fall 2015 Thread****

Does anyone know if Stanford has an official group for admitted transfer students? If so, could you please provide the link? I look forward to seeing you guys at orientation and move in day! :smiley:

@bhollyb congrats! I’ve been looking for one too - like a facebook group or something. I’ve also emailed some of the students from the sheet and they were very responsive.

@curiouspopcorn I’m a non-traditional student returning to education in my 20s. Just finished my sophomore year at a community college. In my main essay I described how I fell in love with math, which is a neat story because it happened over the course of a few hours and completely changed my life, and talked about how I’d learned so much on my own that even with independent study and cross-enrollment with a nearby state school I’d been struggling to find material I hadn’t already taught myself.

I used the mandatory explanation of absence field to write a second essay about my family background and story. I was just pretty straightforward with the whole thing. No strategy except to always emphasize what I had learned from my experiences.

Hey guys. I was wait listed. Does anybody know how the process works and how long it will take to receive a decision?

@bhollyb and @UniversalSnip : There is a Facebook group for transfers, but you need your @stanford.edu address in order to join it. You’ll be getting that in the next month or so when you start all of your paperwork (there’s a lot of paperwork, lol). Also, Stanford will also be giving you guys access to a private social media site that you’ll be able to use to connect with other transfers and the orientation staff. Hope this was helpful. In the meantime, congratulations and welcome! We’re SO EXCITED to have you! :-h >:D< =D> :smiley: ^:)^

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