**Official 2010 UC Berkeley Transfers Acceptance/Rejection Thread!!**

UCLA, here I come!</p>

<p>Status: Accepted
Major: History
GPA: 3.88
School: Chabot College
Pre-Reqs: Done
ECs: Almost none, just work part time for dad.</p>


<p>aww evan, join us rejects in my new thread. go bruins!!!!</p>

Microbial Biology
GPA: 3.67 Fall 2009/ 3.74 Jan Update
IGETC: Will be completed this spring
Pre-reqs: Will be completed this spring
No Tap</p>

<p>Status: Accepted
Major: Philosophy/Pre-law
GPA: 4.0
School: Los Angeles Pierce College
IGETC: Done except for Science Lab
Pre-Reqs: Done
ECs: Published author, founded 2 thriving non-profit organizations in Los Angeles, a lot but I'm just excited to be in so I'm not going to list them all now lol</p>

<p>Good luck everyone :)</p>

English major
3.58 GPA
IGETC & PreReqs done by Spring 2010
No tap
<em>shrug</em> oh well, second rejection by Cal
School: Waiting for a few. Current choices: UCLA, Rice</p>


<p>Status: Accepted!
Major: Psychology
GPA: 4.0
School: Moorpark College
IGETC: Completed.
Pre-Reqs: All completed with a 4.0.
Essays: 7/10
ECs: above average.
Other: nothing too exciting.</p>


Major: Sociology
GPA: 3.62
School: Foothill College
IGETC: Completed
Pre-Reqs: Completed :)
TAP: n/a
Essays: pretty stellar, as everyone says about their own.
ECs: Work 24hr/wk, "Social Activities Manager" (student gov), Loop Editor
Other: Speak 5 languages, talked about my nudist experience :p</p>

<p>congrats to everyone that got in! it's an awesome school and i'm sure you all worked very hard for it. :) and to those of us that didn't, just remember things happen for a reason and either way, we're lucky to still be getting a top notch education.</p>

<p>Status: Accepted
Major: Media Studies (planning to double in Psych!)
GPA: 4.0
School: SMC
IGETC/Pre-Reqs: All done
Essays: ?
ECs: College newspaper, PTK etc.
Other: International student</p>

<p>Status: Accepted
Major: Public Health
GPA: 3.79
School: CCC
IGETC: Completed by fall
Pre-Reqs: 2 in progress
TAP: Berkeley TAP
Essays: Excellent, Wrote about dropping out early and the internship I got
ECs: Health Intern Biostats thing, Red Cross Club pres, and other quirks.
Other: First gen college student, low income, etc.</p>

<p>Status: Accepted!!!
Major: Mechanical Engineering
GPA: 3.93
School: in at UCLA, USC, now UCB. Pending UCD and Stanford
IGETC: n/a
Pre-Reqs: all completed
TAP: huh? no tap
Essays: 8.5/10
ECs: USNCC, PTK, Honors, Awards, Published research at Stanford(lol berkeley actually liked this), make that published twice, bunch of work exp, internship robotics firm blah blah blah. i dont even remember right now! im too stoked.</p>

<p>Status: Accepted!!!!
Major: Business Administration
GPA: 1.99 at UCLA from 1999-2003; 4.0 at Mission College and West Valley College the past two years
School: UCLA, Mission College, West Valley College
IGETC: Will be Completed by end of Spring 2010
Pre-Reqs: Will be complete by end of Spring 2010
Essays: 7-8/10
ECs: Presidents/Dean's List, Full-time work before going back to school, part-time (~20 hours/week) after going back to school
Other: First generation student; I really doubted whether or not I would get in based on my record at UCLA...I'm soooooooooooooooo happy!!!</p>

<p>I did receive the financial aid email</p>

<p>Status: Accepted!
Major: English
GPA: 3.84
School: Pasadena Community College
IGETC: Completed
Pre-Reqs: Mostly Completed
Essays: 10/10
ECs: Writing Center Consultant, English Club</p>

<p>Status: Rejected
Major: Sociology
GPA: 4.0
School: SMC
IGETC: Completed by Spring
Pre-Reqs: Completed
TAP: Nope
Essays: 8-9
ECs: Not too many. I guess that's the downfall.</p>

<p>Glass half full... Going to be a Bruin!</p>

<p>Status: Rejected
Major: English
GPA: 3.95
School: Cabrillo
IGETC: Completed
Pre-Reqs: Completed with 4.0 by the end of this semester
TAP: No.
Essays: Strong?
ECs: Mostly work, tutoring at an elementary school and editing my HS lit arts magazine
Other: My math class for IGETC was taken at the one semester I spent at a 4-yr private (University of San Francisco). It's Elementary Statistics and the same as Stats here, but they may not have liked that. :(</p>

<p>Status: ACCEPTED
Major: Environmental Economics and Policy
GPA: 3.6
School: UCSC (UC-UC transfer)
IGETC: Completed UC Reciprocity
Pre-Reqs: Completed
Essays: 8? 9?
ECs: Business internship with fortune 500 company, economics based internship, finance based position for on campus org, deans honors list for 4 quarters, some volunteer work
Other: Don't know where to attend now :/</p>

Major: Development Studies
GPA: ~3.5
UC to UC Transfer
Essays: 8/10
Prereqs: Some missing.</p>

<p>Not surprised, given that I only applied to Berkeley at the last minute--lots of prereqs missing, amongst other things. </p>

<p>Congrats to those who are accepted!</p>

3.65 GPA
IGETC done
Missing one prereq.
Cal Starting Point Mentor Program

<p>Wow I'm in
Major: Political Science
GPA: 3.5
Igetc-Finishing this spring
Essays: Must have been pretty good. Accepted everywhere I applied w mediocre GPA
Prereqs: Done</p>