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@dijsihi @FireBallsDJ it was a process of elimination question. if 5 was the only minimum, then the graph must have been an upwards facing parabola. thus a must be greater than 0. A was the only choice that was not negative or zero.

@16elir i thought you had to use calculus and i made it way to complicated because it said minimum

@16elir omg.

What was the answer for the grammar question that began with something like “By washing…” and talked about car wheels?

Their discussion of the 20/25 minute thing is really interesting. Basically, this is what I gleaned:

*Because of the error, the test is no longer considered “standardized” because some students had a significant advantage over others
*It is highly likely they will address this issue in some manner
*Because of the complexity of their grading algorithms and other factors, they can’t grade the people who did/didn’t get an extra 5 minutes on two curves
*It would be too costly and highly unlikely for them to cancel all of the tests

I’m very interested in how this will develop.

I saw someone on Twitter say that they’re room persuaded the proctor to give them an extra 5 minutes on the second section of the 20 minute sections (I’m assuming because they took advantage of their section 8 being 25 minutes long instead of 20 because of a mistake their proctor made). This whole thing is terrible.

What if they made everyone retake just sections 8 and 9 instead?
Because there are proctors who made a room do 20/20, 20/25, or even 25/25.

Has something like this ever happened before?

@Chrysanthemum14 Agreed; this is an egregious error. Everyone in this thread has been discussing answers but I think we should also be discussing what will happen to us/our scores.

@aznboi4981 No, AFAIK they have never made an error like this before. There is no precedent to follow.

@Chrysanthemum14 I’m not sure if they’d do that because taking sections 8/9 alone will provide a benefit since you won’t have the mental exhaustion from the rest of the test weighing on you. But it is a curve, after all, so we’ll see.

Would it be possible for CollegeBoard to notify each location and have each proctor report how the situation was handled? Then those who were given 25 minutes have scores cancelled or retake sections 8 and 9…

@relaxer06 That would: A. Cost too much time and money for CB to do. B. Be unfair to most of us. I did not ask for extra time; my proctor and testing center gave it to me.

Some variables to consider. What if the proctor lies about the time they gave (especially if they gave 25 minutes on both sections?) I’m hearing that they have to log the times though. But still… Perhaps they will call up random students as well. But that would be wasting time.

At this point I’m not expecting our scores to come out in the next few weeks.

Don’t all proctors mark down start/end time? maybe that would make it easier for CB to collect and see extent of damage?

But even if the ones who got extra 5 minutes retakes section 8 and 9 it is still not fair.
The questions will be different and it may be actually easier…

It is really a volatile situation… Anything can happen. It is not our fault, it is the Collegeboards…

just to confirm
A) |h(x)| = 0 right
B) it required more resources, which is the advantage of passage 1’s idea in the maoi transporting
C)it was E for the spanish one about why he is audacious
D) For the maoi one, what could be inferred from the part about how many people experimented on the statues?

I’m reading the subreddit right now. Even 2 minutes additional were given to some students because of the commotion it caused.

What I don’t understand is how proctors think they have the proper judgement to award additional time. Just follow the manual…

@aznboi4981 And anything they do is guaranteed to piss people off so this is definitely going to be a contentious issue.

Normally they’d make the affected people retake the tests, but this is a national thing - they can’t afford to do that, therefore it will be very interesting what they decide to do.

I’m interested as to what they will decide. The test is not standardized anymore, but will the College Board spend all the money to cancel and retake while also severely damaging their rep? Also, many have mentioned complete cancellations before, but only on international tests with an occurrence of cheating. With the unprecedence and volume of test takers, it will be interesting to see how this unfolds.