***Official 2015 June SAT (US Only) THREAD***

The misprint was such a disaster. My entire class was distracted as the proctors went from room to room speaking with each other and looking at all of our test books.

How is by pouring wrong? What was the exact sentence??? Shouldn’t it have been “its”?

Ugh who remembers the graph with 2003 and 2005 I can’t remember the exact question / what I put and it’s killing me pls help :,(

@aznboi4981 I wonder if they have some sort of formula they can use to predict what the people who got 25 minutes SHOULD have gotten on Section 8 (based on their answers in the other writing section). And then maybe the curve could be based on that? idk tho… the whole situation is a mess

I put its as well, but I think it was worded so that it sounded like the car was pouring the gravel and sand.

My proctor seemed to be familiar with the SAT so she never brought up the misprint and still gave us 20 minutes. When she started the clock the first thing I saw was that it said 25 minutes and I was super confused. I even had to secretly look back in my test booklet to make sure I was taking the wrong section or had skipped a section accidentally. It wasn’t until a minute later that I asked my proctor that my time says 25 minutes. She told me not to worry about it and that it was a misprint. Luckily, I still finished with 2 minutes to spare.

If you say “by pouring,” the sentence becomes a sentence fragment. Thus, the answer is “pouring.”

Anybody know if there’s an OP way to find out scores early…?..that is, if collegeboard doesn’t tick off thousands upon thousands of test-takers.

Wait…can math MCs also be math grid-ins? Someone on reddit had the | h(x) | question but as a grid-in instead…

What was the sentence???

Before it did anyone mark implied as wrong?

@Newdle not a chance. I would be surprised if we get our scores within the month, if it all (fingers crossed) [-O<

@EasyNotSoMuch123 yes, implied was wrong (should have been implicated). so was perspective (should have been prospective)

@Chrysanthemum14 I had that as a grid in

@EasyNotSoMuch123 Yeah I marked implied.

I had h(x) as a grid-in too. I was confused because for 0, you had to go from right to left (all my answers were left to right).

here’s the most realistic outcome of #satgate imo… We get our scores on June 25 as expected. Collegeboard never admits any wrongdoing or makes any sort of press release. After evaluating how widespread damage was (a.k.a. what percentage of students got 25) by accessing proctor’s guides, they will most likely apply a small curve to the scores of people who had 25 minutes and just give us those scores. I think they will make every effort to get them to us on June 25–– that way it seems like there never was an issue ('cause I’m sure there are some people who never even realized that there was a mistake or that it was a big deal).

@Newdle Yep I was confused for a minute or two. Luckily it was the last question so I had the chance to put in 0 in the second column. Also, if you look at the back of the booklet, it specifically said that anywhere in the box is fine as long as it fits.

@16elir yeah, that might happen. After all, there are only so many CCers (and some Redditers).

anybody got lies as an answer for the writing section.I just want to confirm whether it is experimental or not

For the maoi passage, was there an answer imaginative description of a real process © or something objective observation (A)?

To be honest I just think CB is going to sweep this under the rug.