***Official 2015 June SAT (US Only) THREAD***

my experimental had to be writing since I had in total 3 writing sections

@MusicManatee Some reading experimentals have questions which ask you to identify which set of lines support your answer to the previous question.

@Chrysanthemum14 What was your experimental Reading about? So it didn’t have the new paired questions on one or two of them?

@marsha.ss what new paired questions? I didn’t realize it was the experimental until I got onto CC and everyone was saying that they never had that passage/some of the vocab that was on it. It seemed as standard as it can get.

It was about this French boy named Sonny who visited his uncle in the US.

@jschooter07 oh god i had this too. My experimental was CR and after some easy vocab there was this passage about a scottish immigrant named muriel and some sargent… I honestly had no idea what the passage was about. I finished that section completely ready to have my scores canceled but thankfully it was experimental haha

In my daughter’s test, the told her they said they conferred with the college board and that they had 25 minutes, then 19 minutes into the section (she still thought she had six minutes) someone came into the room and told them they had to finish it within 20 minutes…so they only had one more minute. she still had 3 questions left, as she was thought she still had six minutes. This will be interesting to see what they do.

So did people come to a conclusion about the dog breeds question? I put “among them are” but i’m having doubts

GUYS. for the math question with |h(x)|, i don’t even know why there’s any debate. the question DID say “integer”, but 0 IS CONSIDERED an integer.

@SaburosFather I put “among which are” which seems to be what many on here chose.

I put among which, because that was the only one that acted as a conjuction. among these and among them are all runons.
HI five @relaxer06 :smiley:

What was the writing question with diction as the error?
I’m confused with the | h(x) | question as I originially was going to put zero but I always grid in left to right and there was no 0 digit on the left. I panicked and just put 1 as the answer right before the proctor said time.

shouldn’t it be them because which is singular and it refers to dog breeds?

@zxcvbnm1216 By diction did they mean the “implied” question about the employee getting in trouble?

Also for the h(x) problem it is 0 you were supposed to put it in the most right hand column :frowning:

do u guys remember the question/answers for the last CR that revolved around the statues asking what was the difference in theories or something like what Passage 1 took into consideration that Passage 2 didnt?

@lolokcollege yes the 1st passage included local folk while the second did not

There was no given point that had 0 as a y-value. That’s what most were arguing about.

Diction errors were “implied” and “perspective”

I thought them would be a run on, as “among them” is not a conjuction. Also i think which can be both plural or singular. “Which are they vs which is it”

@Chrysanthemum14 thank the lord i got those rights xD and for the 0 as a y value that they’re arguing answer is just 0 right

does anyone remember the identifying error question with “implied” it was (D) and was an idiomatic error am i correct? wasn’t it supposed to be that she got scolded though she was not complicit in any wrongdoing?

does anyone also remember that shakespear question? i know i selected the answer: to “that of shakespear’s day” or something