***Official 2015 June SAT (US Only) THREAD***

Certainly not. Five minutes is a long time. That’s a 25% time increase. You can get a lot done in five minutes especially if you are on a math section. There will be more time to think it through, more time to review, more to to catch mistakes, more time to effectively guess on an answer. On CR it’s really good too. More time to read over a passage you didn’t really understand. more time to understand questions. etc.

Also there are some reports of students getting additional 5 minutes on both 20 minute sections.

The test being un-standardized is a big issue.

@y0l0lsen The tricky thing, though, is that certain proctors only gave kids with the misprint the extra time, or each proctor in each separate room made different decisions regarding whether or not to give extra time. It wasn’t necessarily a uniform decision within the test center.


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I thought about that too. Only problem is it’s likely that (at least generally), higher performing schools who administered the test to higher performing students had proctors that were more prudent than those administering the test in less-achieving schools. Thus, it’s quite possible that test centers who would churn out higher scores anyway gave the students the correct time, while centers that would be churning out lower scores gave extra time (if the proctor had called the college board or been familiar with the time of the sections, they would have known it was meant to be 20 minutes for both). So, grading on two separate curves based on time given might inadvertently create two separate curves where lower scoring students are curved against other lower scoring students, and higher scoring students against higher scoring students, upping that higher curve and dragging down the relative scores of higher scoring students. I hope that made sense, it’s just my concern with this solution.

5 minutes is soooo much more time

I bet the college board is reading all this and laughing its ass off

In our room, our proctor put 25 minutes for section 8 and asked the coordinator about it since it clearly said it was 20 minutes in the instructions. The coordinator called collegeboard and they said it was a misprint so then our time was changed back to 20 minutes midway.

can we all agre tha they won’t cancel scores. that’s too much money to return, too many people getting scrweed over

@SaburosFather you’re assuming that everyone has their own test center as a high school. Each test center has kids from all different kinds of high schools that could be either low or high achieving. And not every high school is a test center, so those kids get dispersed. I highly doubt what you say will happen, and if it does, it will be on a very minimal scale.

when do you guys think we’ll get a response from them

Collegeboard probably isn’t laughing… They’re probably flooded with complaints and stuff.

They’re probably crying… Not laughing because this is going to be a bad week for them

What did you guys get for the grid in question where it had a triangle and square combination. It asked to find the area. The hypotenuse was 5 and the height of the triangle was two.

Is that problem experimental?
I don’t remember that

@flamethug75 it was 21, u do 5x5 - 2x2
@EasyNotSoMuch123 it wasn’t experimental

What was the problem

@EasyNotSoMuch123 I don’t think so. One of the questions in the section was about woman/men the drive or don’t. The questions were quite normal compared to another section

wait guysssssss when do u think theyll respond

@y0l0lsen you had to find the area of the square or the whole thing?

@EasyNotSoMuch123 it had a right triangle attached to a square at one of the legs. you know the hypotenuse is 5 and one of the legs (not attached to the square) is 2. using pythagorean theorem you find that the other leg is sqrt21. that’s also a side of the square, so do sqrt21 times sqrt21, and the area of the square is 21.

@2400ismygoal1 I tweeted at them a couple minutes ago, I’ll let you know if I get a response

@lilypippili thanks dude


Area of the square. To find the other side of the triangle you had to use pythag. theorem. The other side was radical 21.Then you had to find the area of the square. (rad 21) (rad 21) = 21.