***Official 2015 June SAT (US Only) THREAD***

Wait is there actually a chance that our scores will be voided and we’ll have to take it again???

I don’t want to retake it again because of CB’s mistake. I’m just holding for a generous curve in whatever section the misprint was in.

What did you guys get for the grid in wih the x and y variables that added up to 360?

I only remember a multiple choice question that was 340.

Did we conclude what the answer was to the |h(x)| problem? I put zero but there has been a lot of dissent…

Yeah that 20/25 minute mixup happened to me in Section 8 (which was Math for me). We all had an extra 5 minutes, but I feel as though it messed me up.

Also, what were the experimental sections? I cannot figure out which one I had. D:

@aznboi4981 I’m not sure about everybody else, but my experimental was a reading one that was similar to the ACT.

@tak8773 What was it about? I am hoping my experimental was a CR. :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone should email college board and ask what they’re gonna do about the 20/25min typo thing :slight_smile:

So how many “no errors” were there on Writing?

Also, what was the first question on the Jane Austen passages? The one about the relationship between Passage 1 and 2?

Yep. I put that Passage 1 listed alternative perspectives while Passage 2 was sentimental.

@ScienceGeekGirl The answer was the one that said the second passage was more sentimental…or something like that…

What was the radius one where the sphere was in the cube? Was it 10? Im confused because i thought that answer was too obvious…

For the passage about the person who was adopted and was anxious about meeting her family, I think the raucous laughter question would be referencing a personal quirk. If I recall correctly, it asked what she was referencing, and by mentioning her raucous laughter she is referencing a personal quirk that she has and is hoping that her family shares it.
Correct me if I’m wrong, please, I don’t recall exact details of the passage :slight_smile: also I put anxiety/caution but I think it was probably anticipation/trepidation. She just seemed more anxious than anything in the beginning, IMO.

How many no errors on writing?

I put 10 as well! and same, I was concerned about the simplicity of the question … especially since the other answer choices had radicals.

@aznboi4981 The passage was essentially about converting train tracks into trails or something like that .

Math experimental? grid in 2400 was answer

For the textbook passage, I put that the opening of the passage was brazenly belligerent. I really think it’s wrong, but I just didn’t feel like it was falsely dramatic.