Official Barnard College Early Decision Class of 2018

<p>Hi! So considering it's almost a month away until we find out, I figured I'd create this thread for updates, questions, acceptances, rejections, etc. Good luck to all!!</p>

<p>Good luck to all of us!!!!
Did anyone receive any confirmation email from Barnard after submitting the CommonApp???</p>

<p>Summre, yes I received confirmation about a few days after I submitted my Common App. I also received a tracking number so I could track my app on the Barnard website. :)</p>


<p>You are so lucky! I submitted mine on the 8th and havent heard back from Barnard yet. On the website it says the tracking email takes 2 or 3 weeks if I submit near or on the 8th. Sigh, hopefully I will get mine asap!</p>

<p>I submitted mine Oct. 31st and got confirmation a week or so later! A lot of my stuff (SAT and teacher recs.) don't appear to have gone through though and that worries me a little bit. Is that the case for a lot of people?</p>

<p>Summre, it's probably taking a little longer because you submitted your app on the deadline. No worries! </p>

<p>Triforceofsara, all of my stuff has gone through...maybe you should talk to your guidance counselor just in case? I submitted mine October 27th and my recommendations and essays went through on November 1st. My SATs went through on November 8th, so they took a little longer if that's helpful. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>I also submitted mine on the 8th but I received a confirmation email about a week ago.</p>

<p>Regarding the application tracker, it says all of my materials have been submitted except for a mid year report and a final transcript. What is a midyear report?</p>

<p>HeyTTI, that's your mid year grades — and final transcript is obviously end of year grades. No matter when you are admitted (EDI or II or RD) colleges will follow your academic progress through the school year and up to the end :). Mid year grades become very important if your early decision is deferred...</p>

<p>A quick question...</p>

<p>I just got an email from Barnard asking for my first quarter grades. The email stated that Barnard sent this to all ED applicants. I'm just do we know when our first quarter grades go through? They don't have a "slot" on the App Tracker.</p>

I was wondering the same thing when I sent my first quarter grades. They updated my transcript section with a new date when they received them. :)</p>

<p>In response to the first quarter grades question. Those are part of your transcript and so do not have a special section on the Barnard track your app site. If you applied or had your transcript sent before your school had completed the first quarter grading, then Barnard would have only received 9th-11th grade grades. They also need the first quarter of senior year so I'm sure they just wanted an updated transcript.</p>

<p>Oh, I see. Thank you!</p>

<p>hey everyone! i also applied to Barnard ED and would be honored to go there/be accepted considering my lower stats... anyone want to be the first to post their stats?</p>

<p>does anyone know the exact day we find out from barnard? I'd heard Dec 15, but that's a Sunday and I heard that Barnard sends decisions via regular mail. Can anyone confirm that?</p>

<p>barnard informs international students via emails!</p>

<p>@mollyco, yup Barnard sends decision letters through regular mail. I heard that if you're accepted, it will come in priority mail. Judging from last year, I think we'll probably get our letters around December 13th or 14th.</p>

<p>@collegebound1260... a lot of people on CC use this template for their stats (usually after they get accepted or rejected). So go for it, if you want!</p>

<p>[ *] SAT I (breakdown):
[ *] ACT:
[ *] SAT II:
[ *] Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0):
[ *] Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable):
[ *] AP (place score in parenthesis):
[ *] IB (place score in parenthesis):
[ *] Senior Year Course Load:
[ *] Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.):</p>

<p>[ /list][ b]Subjective:[ /b][ list]
[ *] Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis):
[ *] Job/Work Experience:
[ *] Volunteer/Community service:
[ *] Summer Activities:
[ *] Essays:
[ *] Teacher Recommendation:
[ *] Counselor Rec:
[ *] Additional Rec:
[ *] Interview:</p>

<p>[ /list][ b]Other[ /b][ list]
[ *] Applied for Financial Aid?:
[ *] Intended Major:
[ *] State (if domestic applicant):
[ *] Country (if international applicant):
[ *] School Type:
[ *] Ethnicity:
[ *] Gender:
[ *] Income Bracket:
[ *] Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.):</p>

<p>So nervous! Good luck everyone! :D</p>

<p>Hey y'all. Someone mentioned this so is thought I might as well get it started. Sorry if I filled anything out wrong. I was confused. </p>

<p>[ *] SAT I (Breakdown): math: 790 critical reading: 710 writing: 770
[ *] ACT: 34 (English: 35 critical reading: 33 Science: 34 math: 33)
[ *] SAT II: Physics B: 750 Math 2: 780
[ *] Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): my school only does a 4.0 scale for weighted but it's a 95.4. Sorry I don't know how to convert it.
[ *] Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): school doesn't rank (I have 30 in my class)
[ *] AP (place score in parenthesis): APUSH (5) AP Literature and Comp (4) Physics B (5) European History (4)
[ *] IB (place score in parenthesis): none
[ *] Senior Year Course Load: AP Calculus BC, AP Biology, AP Microeconomics, Honors World Lit, Honors Latin 5, (second semester my history and English change to Honors The Vietnam Wars and Honors American Masterpieces)
[ *] Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): National Merit Semifinalist, a national Latin award. I have no other "major" awards but a few art awards here and there as well as membership in National Honor Society, National Latin Honor Society, and Mu Alpha Theta. </p>

<p>[ /list][ b]Subjective:[ /b][ list]
[ *] Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): Latin club (secretary), spirit club (treasurer), Honors reading seminar, ACE Mentorship Program, Senior Class VP, Volleyball (9-11), Technical Theatre (international thespian society)
[ *] Job/Work Experience: Part Time at a local toy store (~10 hrs. A week)
[ *] Volunteer/Community service: children's hospital volunteer in the ER, Avondale tutoring club (secretary)
[ *] Summer Activities: pre- college program at UMaryland and at Carnegie Mellon
[ *] Essays: I'm not sure what to put here. I've received good reviews from people?
[ *] Teacher Recommendation: I've waive my right to read but I think they should be good.
[ *] Counselor Rec: Again I've waive my right to read it but I don't expect anything negative.
[ *] Additional Rec: N/A
[ *] Interview: N/A</p>

<p>[ /list][ b]Other[ /b][ list]
[ *] Applied for Financial Aid?: yes
[ *] Intended Major: architecture and the classics
[ *] State (if domestic applicant): Alabama
[ *] Country (if international applicant):
[ *] School Type: independent college prep
[ *] Ethnicity: Chinese (but did not disclose on app)
[ *] Gender: female
[ *] Income Bracket: ~$40,000
[ *] Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.):</p>

<p>@ginnygji, wow you have impressive stats! Let us know what happens. Good luck! </p>

<p>Ps. Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone!</p>

<p>@PurpleWriter6729 Thanks! Good luck to all y'all too! Hopefully we'll all be in New York next year!</p>