Official decisions thread!!

<p>Did anyone who is reading this forum not receive that email?</p>

<p>My friend did not receive an email, though if what we’re speculating is true, I feel awfully bad for him.</p>

<p>Very unlikely that this is an indicator of being accepted, so I wouldn’t worry. The reason I say this is because with every type of email I have seen like this in the past, there usually comes some kind of disclaimer. They probably said “newly admitted frosh and transfers” because the Spring College fair falls a few days after they release both frosh and transfer decisions, so of course they would try to hone in on these applicants…Just my $.02. Try not to get all worked up over this, we’ll all find out soon enough! :)</p>

<p>I feel as though the email was sent out to everyone just incase they got accepted. I recieved it as well but personally I need to be logged in to my portal to know if I am in or not.</p>

<p>If other people didn’t get the e-mail, I have a feeling it means what we think it does. If that’s the case, I’m sorry for your friend, but I’m sure he’ll find success elsewhere- getting denied to a university isn’t anywhere near the end of the road! I was denied to SLO, my first choice and dream college, but after knowing I couldn’t get in, I was able to take the time and understand that other options are just as good, or maybe even better.</p>

<p>@rrodri10 Agreed.</p>

<p>Yeah idk, it doesn’t seem like a subtle acceptance letter in my opinion. But the fact that some people didn’t get it is a little confusing. Well, only a few more hours to find out!</p>

<p>They probably didn’t get them because it went to their junk mail and they didn’t check…lol</p>

<p>It’s all speculation, we will find out in a few hours. Good luck to all! I wish we could all get accepted.</p>

<p>@kingdoms Did you get the email? </p>

<p>I don’t know haha, I guess we won’t know for sure until we get the official acceptances/rejections.</p>

<p>A few hours for you 2 days for transfers :(</p>

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<p>Oh…I found the disclaimer, its also on the website (which I just looked at), stating:</p>

<p>“Before March 15: E-mails to our applicant pool, reminding them of deadlines and continuing communications with them throughout application reading period.”</p>

<p>[UC</a> Santa Cruz Spring Yield Events 2012](<a href=“]UC”></p>

<p>There’s your answer. The email is before the 15th, so it’s still addressing the applicant pool.</p>

@Dingdong- Yes I did.</p>

<p>I feel like that message is regarding deadlines like sending in transcripts, updating grades and that sort of thing, but who knows? Fingers are crossed!</p>

<p>Yes, Chicago Bulls win!</p>

<p>OT: I also received the e-mail. I thought it was an acceptance e-mail until I found out it wasn’t.</p>

<p>I hope I get in! It would be great to get into UCSC since my parents live in silicon valley. I could visit often without buying a plane ticket or having to drive for 7 hours from LA.</p>

<p>If you stay up overnight to recieve your decisions feel free to state whether or not you got in and what your stats are. This will keep others, who have to wait until further into the night to recieve their decisions, entertained.</p>

<p>Hey guys, just decided to register and stop lurking! Please do what rrodri10 said and post decisions with stats if you’re lucky enough to find out at 12. It’ll help me go to bed (or will make me more nervous) since mine don’t come 'til 4. Good luck everyone.</p>

<p>Register to what?</p>

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<p>To this site.</p>

<p>Everyone here: Is UCSC your first choice (and the best college you are going to hear from) or are all of you doing it for bragging rights? Just wondering, because UCSC is ranked lower than UCI and UCSB.</p>

<p>@softballkc He/She just registered on this forum. Hahaha</p>