Ohio State Morrill Scholarship 2026

Was she invited to interview for that?

Haven’t heard anything at all from ODI, losing hope here.

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Haven’t heard anything either, but I did hear someone say they got theirs on march 22 so they rlly do release all throughout march. They also had over 4000 apps this year!

Wow! 4k?
I felt bad for my son’s cohort graduating in 2020 during the intense pandemic confusion, but never considered the impact all the deferrals, increasing the competition pool, would have on this year’s graduates.


Thanks so much for the feedback!
Good to have some inside-scoop to help manage expectations/ plan ahead.
March is tough …

Has anyone heard today?

Have not heard anything


The Prominence appeared on her financial aid. We received the financial aid packet before she was informed of the Distinction.

She was invited and had to be interviewed for the Distinction Scholarship.

Did you all get the email before the financial aid packet came out?

What are the distinction and prominence things?

Distinction is full attendance prominence is exellece for oos

Oh are they variations of morrill?

Yep 3 different ones but distinction is full cost of attendance.

So no one has heard today ?

At least not on cc, maybe someone has heard and will post on other social media. If I see anything I’ll let y’all know

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It’s just weird that I have yet to see anyone say they got a letter being rejected.

Yeah, feeling like they send them out all at once in the end

Yes. The email came first and then the financial aid packet.