Olin Class of 2026 Hopefuls

Good luck, hopefully we will have news soon.

Same! Only thing left is FA checklist.

Thanks for confirming. My portal changed almost everyday showing odd things and finally settled down. :rofl:

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Thank you all. The closer and closer we get the more anxious I get for my son.

Same here!

Hi threejs -

This is a very specific question so you may not remember from your child’s year. If the results come out tomorrow, do you recall what time of day the admissions decisions were posted? My daughter will be crying if she doesn’t get in and we’re wondering if she’d find out during the school day, or if perhaps the admission decision gets posted after 3:00 in the afternoon so she could have some privacy.

She could wait until she gets home, but waiting is not a teenager’s strength. LOL

Fingers crossed for good news for all your kids!

Hi there, my son is also a 2022 hopeful so I don’t have any more info, sorry. I looked up previous years’ acceptance dates so my answer was an educated guess.

I really hope all of the kids in this sub get admitted - it sounds like they all want it so badly!

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Best of Luck to all the applicants!!!

My kids seem to remember 2015 was around 3pm. They don’t remember 2016, but it was definitely after school. She locked herself in her room to look. No idea what the plan is for this year. Fingers crossed for everyone!!!

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My kid is an Olin alumnus who was waitlisted. Getting that notice was hard at first, but that ‘gap’ year turned out to be ideal.

Note that Olin only waitlists student that they will eventually admit, either the year of application or the following year.

There is some discussion of waitlisting here: Olin Class of 2021 applicants

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Jeff, My kid was in the same position, the waitlist broke his heart, but he swears the gap year made him a better Oliner.

Do they still guarantee waitlisted kids spots on the following year? I was under the impression that that ended, and a select few were considered for that.

Hmm, it seems like they did change it. I had no idea.

This is such a difficult evening for us all. I can’t help but shed tears in anticipation. This is so difficult. My son is the youngest of three. My oldest works for a college so he can get his education for free. My middle is a nanny 75 hours a week and also does on-line college. My youngest needs this to move on and out of these tiny spaces. I will have each and every one of us in my thoughts and on my mind tonight and tomorrow. All of our children deserve this Olin opportunity but I do know if my heart of hearts this may not happen. If not, they will all prevail, they will all succeed, they will all find their way and they will do it proudly, smartly and happily. Their futures will be full of success. They have already proved that. Good luck to all you moms, dads, guardians, caregivers. A new chapter begins tomorrow. Thanks you to all!

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Muggle Mom -

Yes; they still offer guaranteed admittance to some of the students for the freshman class for the following year. They mentioned this at Candidate’s weekend.

I think they said there are 3 types of admission:

  • you’re in
  • waitlisted
  • guaranteed admission for the following year if you take a gap year.

I could have it a little bit wrong between the last two. I don’t believe they said every waitlisted student is guaranteed for the following year, but I can’t remember exactly.

Yes. They said:

  1. Aprox 130-140 candidates will be offered admission to the Class of 2026

  2. Aprox 10-12 will be offered admission to the Class of 2027 (automatic defer)

  3. Aprox 30-40 candidates will be offered a spot on the waitlist (you need to claim your spot on the waitlist by submitting your reply form by April 13)

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Plus 9 deferred from last year coming into class of 2026

This is how it was explained at the last Candidates’ Weekend that I volunteered at.

I would like to say that if anyone is offered a spot on the guaranteed admission list for the following year, and Olin is a top choice for them, they should certainly take the time to consider it. As a mom, I was completely against it. Who thinks their high schooler will be productive with a free year, and be able to get back into the school grind successfully? I certainly didn’t. It ended up being the best thing that could have happened to him. If you end up in this situation, feel free to PM me for the story. Charlie Nolan, Olin’s original Admissions officer, said these kids end up being the best Oliners.

Wishing everyone luck today!

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Thank you for your feedback.

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Thank you so much for the insight. Much appreciated. I’ve got everything crossed for all of our children!

Decisions are out

UGH, my son hasn’t said anything yet!