one of the best books I've read in the last 6 months is . . .

I am half way through Klara and the Sun and enjoying it very much. I do like the unusual narration of the “robot”

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Oprah has a great interview with Elizabeth Strout, in Maine, at a seaside town, the setting for Olive Again.
I watched on Apple TV, and it added so much to my enjoyment of the book.


I started reading “The Lost Apothecary” last night. I can already tell that this will be a 5 star book for me!


I read Shuggie Bain a couple of months ago and agree, it is definitely a depressing and difficult novel to read. However, I think think the writing was fantastic and seemed to be an authentic look at what life was like for many 1980s public housing in Glasgow. The story was inspired by the author’s personal experience growing up in similar conditions. I had to read it in small spurts due to the subject matter, but I just loved Shuggie’s character and the love he felt for his mother despite the circumstances.


Have you seen this video? It knocked me out. Actor Stuart Campbell performs a reading from #2020BookerPrize​ shortlisted author Douglas Stuart’s book, Shuggie Bain, streamed during The Booker Prize 2020 winner ceremony.

Don’t want to sidetrack the Suggie Bain discussion, but I finished The Daughters Of Erietown by Connie Schultz today. I would have sat up late to finish it last night but wanted to save some for today. One I’ll be recommending to family and friends.


Thanks for the link - off to watch it!

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Just finished Klara and the Sun, I really enjoyed it and recommend it. One of those hard to describe books, where it isn’t really about what it is about. The story may be about a robot friend and a family, but it is really about love, what makes individuals unique, coming of age, family, reaching your full potential, and so much more.


Thanks kiddie (and others) for Feb 16 recommendation of East of Eden. I very much enjoyed it!

I included it last month in a list of titles for a local Zoom book club (6 gals), and it got picked. It’s my turn to run the discussion. It’s on Wednesday, and I just finished today … didn’t want to forget too much. It’s easy reading, but at 600 pages I got fearful I’d waited too long. Had a nice time finishing it today. (For anybody also on the fitness thread, my step count as of 6pm is only 262. Oops).


I’ve just finished Amoralman by Derek DelGaudio a fast and, I found, compelling read. Recently watched his film In and Of Itself ( also a theater show) - which I thought was extraordinary and would highly recommend. I knew nothing about the film before I saw it and was glad of that and would recommend the same to others.

@Colorado_mom the CC book club read East of Eden and had a great discussion. Maybe some will help you lead discussion. Parent Cafe - College Confidential Forums - Admissions Discussions and Threads