OOS chances?

<p>From Ohio, going to be a senior, wanting to major in actuarial science.</p>

<p>GPA- 3.44w, 3.1 unweighted
ACT- retaking, have been averaging 30-31 on practice tests
SAT- i dont think im sending it

<p>-Junior and Senior class Senator in student government. 6th grade camp counselor. volunteering at soup kitchens for a total of 10-15 hours. total of about 25-30 volunteer hours. part-time job. varsity in 2 sports, also play in other leagues outside of school. Salvation Army co-chair for the school.</p>

<p>-6AP, all honors available i have taken. by graduation i will have...
12 semesters of math
12 semesters of science
8 of english/ social studies
4 of language
not sure on electives at the moment</p>

<p>class rank is top 30% not sure of exact numbers. but i come from a school where we have about 700 per grade and is competitive</p>

<p>Swim Team (10-12), Lacrosse Team (11-12), Golf team (11), Track (10), Basketball (9), Student Government (9-12, Senior Class Senator, Salvation Army Co-Chair, Junior Class Senator), Model United Nations, Fall Rec. Soccer League, Summer/Fall Lacrosse League, Volunteering at a Soup Kitchen, 6th Grade Camp Counselor, Boys State Finalist for my School, One of only a few students asked to attend meeting when Ohio State President Gordon Gee came to our school, Science student of the year in 9th grade, Teen Institute Camp (drug prevention. 9th grade. Selected by principle).
And i was wrong before. I actually have about 80 comunity service hours.</p>

<p>moved up to 31 on act:)
but uw gpa is 2.96 :(</p>