Parents going back to college

@sylvan8798–sounds like a vacation in France or Tahiti may be in your future & a LOT of fun!

Inspiring to read, especially old mom since I am an old mom too :slight_smile: I have found out I can take classes for free and for credit at a state U that is a bit of a hike but worth it. Once my caretaking duties are over I plan on following your example!

Four years ago my wife and I received master’s degrees from Boston University, in different fields, It was through their adult part time Metropolitan College. Our degrees were in areas that interested us. For me it was Urban Affairs, for my wife Gastronomy. Our kids are grown and graduated college more than a decade ago. Going to class with people ranging from 22-70 was a great experience for both of us. They were on campus programs.

So far, going to school is the best thing I have done and I love it. High points is working on my clinical project which is going very well and the response from patients, staff, and administrators has been great. Low point is my Biostatistics class. I took my first exam in 30 years!

@sylvan8798 What online education did you do? I’ve done a bit with Spanish and thinking about picking it up again.

^The most helpful thing was a series of videos from Annenberg Learner. They have a Spanish series (“Destinos”) as well. There is a textbook and workbooks that I got from Amazon to go with the French series, but I’m not sure what there is for the Spanish.

I have no regrets going back to school for my MSW, but I must say that this second semester seems to be much more manageable than last, when everything I had to learn about being a 21st century graduate student was overwhelming. In the end, I did well last semester but the anxiety was very difficult.

At fieldwork in a NYC high school for struggling students, a guidance counselor told me last week that I was the only grownup in the group of social workers and students working there, My off-site social work supervisor agreed. I can see that having raised a kid to age 22 has given me a lot of perspective that many of the 20-something students (and some of the MSW-level social workers!) just don’t have.

So how did everyone do? I had a good semester. No grades yet, but looks like 3 A’s and an A-minus. Had my last class with final last night, and tomorrow my daughter graduates! I am so, so grateful that I am done before I make the 6-hour trip.

Good semester here! I took one hard prof with a big rep and did very well in her class, one not as hard but smart and personable prof and did well in his. I am applying to the masters program. My biggest fear is not finishing. We might move or our lives might go in a different direction (i.e. traveling more). But hey, I’ll regret not starting more than not finishing.

Oldmom, I hear ya about learning to be a modern grad student. The tech part is exciting but daunting.

I love this.

@oldmom4896 My mom is an LCSW and still working 3 days a week at the age of 83. She sometimes forgets a few things but wisdom from living makes up for a little slower thinking.

My mom passed statistics with a B+.

I did well this last semester. 3 A’s though had a very frustrating class with the Statistics professor. She was a terrible teacher and I like statistics! But never clear what she wanted from us or really what she wanted us to learn. IRB application is almost ready to be submitted.

@oldmom4896 I am doing better learning modern technology but I still struggle with my formatting!

Congrats to all!! Tomorrow will be my first anniversary of my last college graduation. :slight_smile: I think I miss school.

Just checking in to see how everyone is doing. The summer session is tough for me. I have a challenging class with material meant for 14 weeks compressed to 12 weeks. Plus, multiple roadblocks getting my data. With working full time, just a weekend away puts me behind. Like this weekend, I’m going to my niece’s wedding and trying to get ahead of work. Yes, computers can travel but I also need to see family. Hope everyone is having a great summer.

Thanks for checking in, and good luck, @GTalum. I am taking a class that started the Wednesday after Memorial Day and ends on Monday, 7/2. Four-hour classes twice a week and, of course, accelerated reading and writing assignments. The subject matter, alcohol and addiction, is fascinating and the class is tiny and interesting. But I will be very happy when it’s over next Monday!

I took the class now so I will only have three classes in the fall semester, plus three days (up from two last year) of fieldwork.

No summer classes, but one prof keeps sending me reading for the fall…

I finished the summer semester and imagine @oldmom4896 is done as well. Wow, that was hard. 2 more semesters to go.

Yes, summer done! Classes start again on August 27, and fieldwork mid-September. Commencement May 24!

So how’s the new semester? So far, so good for me! I love that my coursework is more specialized than the prerequisite first-year courses last year. And one of my classes is SO GOOD! Fieldwork starts on Thursday and I’m ready! (I think.)

Summer was so stressful! But not so much this semester. It’s mostly working on my project. My research went through IRB! I have a second IRB presentation tomorrow. Then I get to collect and analyze data. Not so much learning new things this semester. It’s OK, I needed a breather. So glad you are enjoying your classes @oldmom4896