Parents of the HS Class of 2019 (Part 2)

I get so frustrated reading that there are so many who don’t have access to vaccines. Meanwhile, I follow New Orleans alerts since my daughter is at Tulane and every day they are advertising - vaccines available, free uber rides to get there, no ID required, etc. I’ve been fortunate that both my 20 and 16 year old D’s were able to get vaccinated BEFORE their group actually came up and it was through legitimate pre-registration lists and open availability (NOLA and FL).

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D19 is getting vaccinated Monday at a CVS in Manhattan—very exciting. DW and I will get ours April 26 in Boston. Still trying to get S22 scheduled.

We’re going to New York the week of April 19, S22’s spring break, so he can do some college visits and we can see D19. I have to work as it’s a busy time for my business but will do so from my company’s headquarters office, where I’ll be working full-time after we move next year. Will have to be vigilant, as it would be less than ideal to contract Covid right before getting vaccinated.


So glad to hear all the positive news for HS class of 2019. Sad to say, D19 has not been faring as well, and has had some deep issues with depression and anxiety coming to the fore. It’s been so difficult to see the optimism from the beginning of the semester get overtaken by this, but she is now on medication and hopefully that will start working. It is however probably too late for her to really salvage anything this semester and she is in the process of negotiating a withdrawal for the semester. Currently aiming to start again in summer but we will see how it goes, it is a good while yet before she needs to register for that.

@SJ2727 , I am sorry to hear that your daughter is going through such a tough time. The pandemic and going to school in NYC is terribly challenging, especially since she is so far away from home. I wish her (and you) the best with whatever choice she makes. I vote for taking good care of herself and coming back to school stronger.


Because of the total mess up by VT state government, Middlebury has eased the restriction on students leaving the county and the state. Any student who can get vaccinated anywhere that is close enough that they can return within the same day is allowed to go (so long as they don’t stop on the way).

The state has also eased these restrictions, because it is evidently easier to do that to try and fix their own messup…

Don’t know if traveling to NH is a possibility but they lifted the residency requirement.

Or maybe VT will get its act together. :crossed_fingers:t2:

@SJ2727 - So sorry to hear about your daughter. That sounds very hard and I know super stressful for you. My D17, who will graduate in June, has had some significant anxiety and depression this school year as well. It is very hard as a parent to see them struggle. I hope the medication is helpful and that she will be able to take advantage of other resources to help her feel better. Such a tough year for our kids.
In many ways, I’m glad that I did not have to go through the admissions process this year with a kiddo, since it seems especially challenging. However, I continue to feel very sad that our kids have missed out on such a big chunk of “normal” college years. Pre-COVID, S19 would have lived on campus all four years (or at least 3) and had a true residential college experience. Now he’s been off campus this year and he, like all of his friends, wants to stay off campus next year too (partly because he’s vegan and he finds it easier to cool for himself that stick with the meal plan). It’s fine and I’m sure they’ll have fun and hopefully most of them will be able to study abroad in the spring. Still, I feel they are missing out on a lot of what they would have had.
I was very happy that S was able to come home for a brief visit this past weekend and that was really nice. He convinced me to take one of our old cars back for the last month of school so he’s excited about that.
@Vineyarder - where are you doing college visits for your S22?

So sorry to hear this. We were on the Brink for S19, but somehow got past it. (and yes he went back on medication).
This mental health challenge is real and hard for the younger generation.


My heart goes out to you. It can be hard not to focus on what’s being lost… on my better days, I try to remember that what my kiddo is learning now about what they can / can’t handle and how much and what kind of help they’ll need will be so valuable to them going forward.


I’m not sure being at home would have made it easier to be honest - none of her schoolfriends bar one who recently dropped out of CC remain in our small town. It may have made the issues surface sooner.

A small positive, she got vaccinated via the college today so that was really easy.


I’m sorry, @SJ2727 . Any time our kids aren’t thriving is a hard time. I very much hope medication will help. Our experience has been that different ones work for different people and that the side effects can also vary a lot between individuals, so if it’s not right, try something else! If a withdrawal is the worst consequence then your D is handling this very well and I hope she can come home and recharge.

So good to hear of all the kids getting vaccinated!! D19 just got her second Pfizer. The next day, she felt like she was coming down with the flu for about six hours, and then she bounced back. Knowing almost our whole family is vaccinated, plus the arrival of spring, means spirits are rising in our house.


Oh, so sorry to hear about your D’s struggles @SJ2727. I am glad she was able to recognize it and get on medication, I hope the first one is a perfect fit!

@elena13 So cool your S was able to design his own major. I was hoping D could do that with a minor but they only offer it for majors as far as I can tell. She is very into music and has fulfilled some requirements with classes like Intro to the Music Business and History of American Pop Music. I thought it would be cool if she could create some kind of Musicolgy type minor but all they have is a music minor where you have to take performance classes. She plays a bit but would not want to go that route.

@Vineyarder I love that your D went to bat for herself over the poster project! Also glad you are getting a visit in to her over spring break.

@bjscheel We are going to have to try to sublet next year as well. D had rented a house with 4 other kids with the lease starting in June. The problem is some of the kids are planning to go abroad and some aren’t so we need to figure out how to sublet and make it fair for the kids who are staying to make sure they get roommates they are comfortable with.

@MWolf Stinks about the VT mess up but hopefully the kids can all get over to NY or NH and get their shots!

D19 was able to get her first vaccine last week down in New Orleans. DH and D21 have not had their first and I got the J&J so I am done. I’m excited because I booked a trip to go surprise my mom next weekend - haven’t seen her in 16 months!

D was accepted to the abroad program for next semester, as of now she will be studying in Rome. She says she may apply to a program in Paris that is not through the school but it requires her jumping through more hoops to get the classes approved so who knows if she will do it.


@elena13, our S22 is interested in architecture, so looking at Pratt and Cooper Union for the B.Arch degree. He’s also interested in NYU, where he would do an architecture-related BS and then an M.Arch somewhere else. But he’s not yet fully committed to architecture—he’s doing a summer academy at Boston Architectural College to decide if it’s really for him.

D19 is at Parsons and lives two blocks from Pratt, so it would be nice for them to be in the same city at least as he starts his college years (D19 is on pace to graduate in December 2022). They’ve developed more of an independent relationship with each other as they’ve matured—playing online chess against each other lately, for one thing—which has been gratifying for us to see.

@SJ2727, really sorry to hear about your daughter’s struggles. My mother has endured bipolar depression for a long time but has had an effective medication mix in the past few years; I hope your daughter’s medication works for her.


Also wanted to add the there is a pretty good website called that can help you find open appointments in certain states. @Vineyarder I know MA is on there. You can narrow it down by location, manufacturer, etc. It works pretty well if you keep a window open and refresh a bunch. The Albertsons/Shaws/Star Market group isn’t as accurate but I found CVS, Walgreens and Walmart to be helpful.

I was able to help a lot of people get appointments both by using that site and staying up until midnight to search CVS and Walmart.


Thanks, @momtogkc. We’ve actually been able to get all of us scheduled except S22. DW and I are getting ours on April 26 in Boston and D19 gets hers on Monday in Manhattan. A relief to be on our way—hopefully we’ll get S22 all set soon.

Oh I just tagged you in case you wanted to try to get an appointment before you go to NYC. :slight_smile:

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