Parents of the HS Class of 2021 3.0-3.4

Out of state student. Admitted undecided to Arts & Sciences, main campus.


My daughter was deferred by NC State (a solid match) but accepted by UNC, her dream school and T30. FWIW, she finished with pretty decent stats but when I joined this board, she was struggling physically with an illness and her grades were slipping big time.

I hate to say this but sometimes money talks. I have seen plenty of 3 - 3.4 kids get into solid schools (maybe not T50). Actually coming to think of it, someone I know got into Boston College with 3.7-ish. Full-pay.


wow, congratulations! That’s quite encouraging to hear that she got into her dream school!

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Thanks. We still pinch ourselves at times but looking back, she was not a bad applicant for holistic programs.

There are some excellent podcasts that are worth listening to if you really want to learn more about the admissions process from inside-out. Two that I highly recommend are “The Search” by Dartmouth and “Inside the Yale Admissions Office.” The tone of each is quite different.

I guess what I am trying to say is that a kid can bring a lot to a college campus beyond just grades and revenue dollars. The key is to find a fit that works for both parties.