Parents of the HS Class of 2024

AP Bio exam is now done! D24 has a final French project presentation due tomorrow and then she’ll be done with final exams. She’s pretty tuckered out.


How did she feel about AP Bio? D24 is taking it next year. She’s cramming for APWorld today but we shut everything down at 10pm before test day. The APW teacher was ridiculous. They sat thru other kids presentation that was supposedly set up to help them but, really, that’s not how one preps for an exam. None of my adult learning model would say that’s the reco unless it’s done by a subject matter expert. She said she studied from her books while others presented.

The AP Chem teacher came thru today. She let them study AP World during her class.


I don’t post much but my DS is taking final AP Calc BC tomorrow. Wrapping the year in 2 weeks.
Are SAT subjects scores important?

SAT subject tests have been discontinued by the College Board.


Ok great thanks

D24 loved AP Bio. Said it was easier than Honors Bio last year…different teacher than last year’s class. Ironically, less HW. She loved the labs, 1 of which involved making bacteria bioluminescent. She got a 4 on her mock AP exam administered a month-ish ago by her teacher, so fingers crossed for whatever score she gets from today’s test.

She’s not going to take AP Chem. Teacher is terrible. She’ll take Honors Physics next year…same teacher she had for physics in 8th grade. He’s amazing, is really excellent at teaching the subject.

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Good luck to your kiddo tomorrow!

D24’s french project final presentation is today, so as of today, she’s done with final exams for the school year. There’s only study hall tomorrow for the high schoolers who don’t have exams tomorrow, so if she wants to not go to school tomorrow, we’re ok with that.

Prom is on Saturday. She’s going with friends. D24 is wired so differently than I was when I was in HS…I was petrified to go to a school dance by myself and just meet up with people upon arrival (which is what she’s doing on Sat.). D26, on the other hand, is very shy and wouldn’t be caught dead going to a school dance. Every kid is different!


And we are done with the AP testing. D24 said the AP Chem test was way easier :joy:.

Her one advice is to follow the College Board videos and material throughout the year. She said the other teacher’s class did that and they were in better spirits than the kids with the same teacher as her. We always knew he was mediocre but he will continue to head the Dept while riding on the backs who taught themselves throughout the year. Luckily, all the teachers are great for AP next year.

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Thanks for this thread. We just went through the admissions process with my son and it was an eye opener. He got into his top pick but was rejected far and wide at his other schools with a few exceptions. My daughter is in a little different situation. My son was in a stem magnet with heavy APs. Daughter is in an arts focused charter and her school only offers one AP in 10th-which she took-and none in frashman year. My son had 4 at this point. She is taking 3 UC weighted honors as well so I’m hoping this helps. It is the most rigorous at her school. In addition she has 4 creative writing courses per semester in her conservatory. Next year she will DE for History, AP Lang,AP CSP, AP Physics, AP Calc, and Honors Spanish in addition to her creative writing classes. She plays travel softball but is about ready to let it go I think. After school activities include writing scripts for the other consevatories to perform. She has fun with that. She has wanted to foster small pets in the past and one of the knowledgable posters here suggested that would be an activity to list on her apps. So I think we will give it a go this summer.


D24 has her 3 AP tests this week, Wed, Thurs and Fri. A bit brutal. I think she’s pretty well prepared for 2 of them, but I’m not so much the 3rd. She says the class has not been very academic for the 2nd semester. I understand the reasoning for that, but was hoping she’d be more willing to work on it at home. That’s proven to be difficult! We’ll just take it as a lesson in difficult exams and move on for next year.

We are ready to be done for summer. Three more weeks after this one. Seems like it is very slow getting here this year.


I think my D24 only has a math final and biomed final left. Everything else is just cruisin’ for her. She asked the AP world teacher to put in a zero for the final essay and even with that, she will be at 94% so she’s not doing it. :joy:


Good luck on the AP’s. 3 in one week is hard.

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My S24 would say your D24 is smart :slight_smile: He does something similar many times. if he is 96% or more he starts taking easy with some assignments especially at the end. as long as he gets an A he will be ok even if it is 90.1% :slight_smile:

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Finals week this week and next week for us. 2 finals today and 4 more left to go. He also multiple final projects/essays due next week. so he will be busy until next thursday and should be free after that.

Summer plans not yet final. We will be going to the cal poly EPIC cam for 1 week in June and will be signing up for SAT in July/August. Need to still finalize a course to take during summer.

Any one doing AP course online? I have looked at UCSCOUT any other good options? He wants to do AP CSA online if possible. If anyone has recos please do share.

My D24 and D22 would do the same! D22 just had me sign a waiver to get her out of state testing because she realized that as long as gets a passing grade in an English AP and a Math AP she doesn’t need the testing to graduate (the school does its best to hide this info). She now gets to sleep in twice next week.

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Good luck to your daughter.

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She reports that the multiple choice seemed pretty good but the free response was difficult. At least that one is done. Tomorrow is English Lang and she has a lot more confidence in it!

Good luck to those with finals. We don’t have any this year again. I’m glad she has AP to work towards like a final at least. She’s otherwise never had one.

Does anyone know if the University of California is ok with waiting until senior year to fulfill the Visual and Performing Arts requirement? My daughter has limited space in her schedulenext year. She will have all other requirements finished by the end of 11th grade but since the UCs do not look at senior class transcripts until after graduation I don’t know if it might cause an issue if they don’t see it as already completed before they make admissions decisions. Thanks.

@MommaLue , sent you a private message. Not sure if you got a chance to look at it.