Parents or my email on application

I’m applying to Exeter and I’m wondering weather to put my email or my parents. What should I do?

Your email, unless it specifically asks for your parents’.

Your email unless it specifies otherwise.

I think using your own email shows independence and maturity. Just make sure that you check it regularly! You want to be prompt in your replies.

Your email for sure

You can start a new email only for applications. You can use it now for prep school and later for colleges. It keeps everything together.

Your parents can have access too. You can pick a nice screen name too, something appropriate for the schools, now and in the future.

Use your email. Try to choose a professional sounding email. If it doesn’t sound professional, then create a new one and share the password with your parents if you want them to access it to.

It was our experience that the schools wanted both the student’s email and the parent’s email for applications. Agree with above - have your dedicated email for applications. Good luck!

absolutely your email/contact info. Exclusively if possible.

Have to say I disagree that it matters as much as people think it does. Put whichever email is most likely to be checked frequently and responded to. I used mine (the parent) and it worked out just fine.