Parents worried about politics and sending their baby to college: Elon, HPU, UNCG, Liberty, CofC

Yes! Thank you!

Yes! Absolutely!

Thank you! Liberty is no longer on my list!


Thanks! ECU and UNCC are both on my list now!

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An update on my college list! Here are the schools I am now considering:

High Point University
Elon University
College of Charleston
University of Richmond
Appalachian State University
Anderson university
Shenandoah university

Can anyone recommend the dance, business, and arts administration (if applicable) programs or have any criticisms for these schools? I would like to narrow my list a bit but I would also love more colleges to explore, if anyone has suggestions!



Baylor doesn’t have a dance major.

If you want to go to a mainstream Christian school in Texas that has a dance program, either TCU or SMU would be much better options. This is the TCU dance program: School for Classical & Contemporary Dance and this is SMU: Undergraduate Studies - Dance - Meadows School of the Arts - SMU

And the business schools at both TCU and SMU are very well respected and similarly ranked.

And I can tell you as a former decade-long resident of Waco that Fort Worth and Dallas are much more interesting and artistic cities to live in than Waco. TCU is in the upscale Tanglewood neighborhood of Fort Worth with lots of very pretty old homes and streets. SMU is in the Highland Park neighborhood which is one of the most posh parts of the entire Dallas metro. Very old money.

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HPU is not seen as serious academically.
Anderson, not sure.

Have you looked into St Olaf? It’s in Minnesota, so, not in the South, but it’s got dance, a chapel with chapel times, thoughtful students of faith from all religions, and an excellent Religion dept. (They used to include dance in worship, I don’t know if they still do).

As for your parents: they’ve taught you, now they have to trust you. However, faith unexamined isn’t faith. It’s by learning and meeting others that you grow in your faith. You can lose your faith at a Christian college and see it strengthened at a secular college: you’re no longer a child but a young adult, so nurturing your faith, questioning it, listening and growing will be on you.

Regardless of college, contact the different Christian clubs. See if there’s a place for students to meet, on or off campus, contact the college’s chaplain and ask about ways faith is put in practice (beside services, are there service opportunities and fellowship moments, for instance?)

I second Wake Forest, Furman, Wofford, Hillsdale (relatively conservative to very conservative); Davidson, Washington&Lee, if you have excellent stats // Wake Forest, UNC CH?

Any reason you’re not applying to UNC CH?
Do you have a budget? Have you run the NPC on all these colleges?


AGREE @ St Olaf - it’s a wonderful college - plus they have amazing music, theatre, and opportunities for performing arts…a friend from my high school days is chair of one of the departments.

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