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Can anyone enlighten me on EA vs Rolling? I read conflicting info. I know EA deadline is Nov 1 and rolling is Jan 31, so I’m not asking about deadlines. My daughter submitted last week and selected rolling. Since she applied long before Nov 1, she thought that rolling meant it would get the process started earlier. But, I’ve read elsewhere that EA comes out first. Is there a definitive answer here?

I’ve read elsewhere that as long as you apply and all application requirements are complete by Nov. 1st, they will consider you in the EA pool even if you checked Rolling admission. This hasn’t been true every year, but a few people supposedly called and were told that this year. In the past, if you checked Rolling admission, you were not considered until January time frame when Rolling started even if you got everything in by Nov 1st. Honestly, if it was my kid, I would have them call to ask to switch to EA and let them confirm it’s not necessary since the application and related documents were in before Nov. 1st.

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Is chance to get in better with DUS/undecided major?

Official SAT score sent but portal says missing. Does it take a while for them to update? Any idea?

I think it took about a week to 10 days for the SAT scores to link up with my son’s application. The College Board sent scores the first week of Aug and he applied in late Aug. I think the SAT score check mark showed up as complete in the application about 7-10 days later.

It is easier to get in applying DUS than Business or Engineering. However, DUS has become extremely competitive over the last 5 years for exactly that reason.

Check summer start. Summer is a terrific time to start. I speak from experience.

  • smaller classes
  • 6 credits in 6 weeks
  • learn campus, housing, dining, roommates
  • “pride” (your group taking classes together) is 24 kids who live together … so instant friends.

Good luck.


I called and can confirm – if you submit all of the required materials before the November 1 deadline, you are automatically placed in our Early Action pool.


Is anyone having issues with the Honors application essay formatting? After updating the essays, all the formatting is lost in preview mode. This is through Penn state app

A 3.9/5.0 converts to a 3.1/4.0 and, IN GENERAL, a 3.1 GPA would be accepted at a commonwealth campus rather than UP campus.
For the best shot, add summer option. I wouldn’t apply DUS as that has gotten even more competitive than many other majors due to higher stat business and engineering kids using it as a safety to get into UP campus because business and engineering are so competitive.

With a 3.1/4.0 GPA, it might make more sense for him to begin at a commonwealth campus anyway. They can be TERRIFIC for many kids as UP rigor is nothing to joke about. Altoona, Erie and Harrisburg are the three that are 4 year colleges in their own right with dorms, 4 year degrees and student life. He could go there for 2 years and then seamlessly go to UP campus for 2 more years and graduate from UP. Something like 60% of all PSU alumni started that way.

Good luck!

He did opt for Summer Start, thanks for answering my questions.

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I thought I had previously read that students should select EA if they want decision by December 24th. I would have her reach out to an admissions counselor and clarify and then change to EA. Rolling starts after EA decisions.

Someone is reporting on the parents of class of 23 FB page that their student received an acceptance from Penn State in the mail today. We thought nothing ever went out until at least December. Has anyone else heard of anybody getting acceptances already? They’re saying admissions said the first wave of acceptances went out on Wednesday?

My sister told me my niece’s friend received her acceptance by mid Oct last year. She is majoring in chemical engineering.

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Mail, not portal? No mail on a holiday (today).


Might be for a branch campus?

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Maybe. The one I referred to was accepted UP last Oct.

Nope she said UP. Hope to hear of others hearing back.


Hope so!

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The majority of students who applied EA won’t hear until late November-late December. But there are always outliers.
In general, and prior to this year, if a student heard earlier than above they were either:

  1. very high stat students
  2. accepted to a commonwealth campus

Do ALL high stat students hear early? No. But if you do hear early, you are likely to be a very high stat applicant, or you applied directly to a commonwealth campus.

The reason I say “prior to this year” is because things are changing quite a bit with PSU admissions and things we used to know as pretty certain in years past may be completely obsolete this year. We will have to wait and see how the process plays out!