Penn State DISCUSSION THREAD Fall 2022 Admission

is anyone having trouble login into MyPennState website right now? it says “The service is unavailable.” here :frowning:

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D22 got a text saying early action deadline is approaching and she needs something in her application but her application has been complete for 2 months.
I’m thinking this is an error or hack and A LOT of applicants are checking the portal now.

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yes I got the same text message saying my application is incomplete or something…

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My son received the same text and then the same error logging in. Now he can log in and it says his application is complete.

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I got the same message.

Same here. Got the same message as well. And when we logon to the portal, it said completed. I guess that it’s some sort of error.

Same here. Assuming a glitch?

I got the same message and emailed the admissions email. They said to disregard the email as my application is complete. So I am assuming it is the same for everyone else

yes, today got another text message from Penn State saying disregard yesterday’s text message (in error)…

Has anyone on this thread had a decision communicated out yet? My daughter applied about 5 weeks ago. I understand Early Action decisions are by 12/24, but other threads have stated decisions come out typically 6 to 8 weeks after applying.

My daughter is applying EA for UP… her Common app is basically complete, with a solid common app personal essay (645 words). I know the CA essay is optional for PSU and so is the 500 word Penn State essay… She was thinking of just submitting the CA essay, but should she consider submitting both? (So two essays…?) I can’t find anything online about submitting one vs. the other or both.

EA decisions will not start being released until mid-November likely. PSU does not work on the 5-6 week timeline. Some students applied all the way back in August and haven’t heard yet because they do not start reviewing decisions until after the deadline of November 1. The vast majority of students won’t actually hear until December.
Definite Yes and Definite No (or commonwealth campus deferral) hear first. All of the middle of the road applicants hear closer to the deadlines.

Keep in mind, a “decision” during EA can also be a deferral to priority decision which is a decision by Jan 31.


Penn State will read her personal statement (500 word). I am not sure if they will read the common app essay s they get over 100,000 applications and their process is fairly streamlined. I would submit both just to cover her bases, but in all likelihood, only the personal statement will be reviewed.

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does Rolling decision comes earlier than EA decision? what’s the difference? I thought Rolling for PSU is similar to Pitt? thx!

No, rolling decision is after EA and Priority. EA gets decisions first.

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The earliest you will hear from PSU is after November 1st but they will be the high stats kids that submitted test scores. However, all EA should her no later then December 23rd.


thanks and glad I applied EA!

Isn’t it always better to do the optional essay for every college you’re applying to? That’s what I’ve asked my daughter to do, but I know once we have gotten through the EA stage she’s probably going to do the minimum she can get away with - for better or for worse.

Probably “better”. It’s a safety for my daughter (1st in her class at a HS that sends dozens every year, down through top 50% students) and she chose not to.

My son saved his PSU application for last because of the Schryer Honors College extensive essays…he just submitted tonight, so with the chatter of the processing delay of the SRAR, it might be a miracle that everything comes together! BTW, we are OOS, (but I am originally from Erie - near the Behrend Campus) and received an email today saying PSU would knock $6K off the tuition if we applied to a satellite campus. Not interested, but something others may want to know.