Penn State DISCUSSION THREAD Fall 2022 Admission

When you ask for reconsideration your portal should change to “your application is is under review” or whatever that status is. Your original offer should disappear. When your new decision is made, it will be posted the same as your original offer was. I am not sure what happens with a true appeal. My guess is that they will notify you via e mail or the portal. I’d call and make sure you are actually in appeal if there is nothing on the portal to denote it.

That said, your original offer stands until you decline it. If you are denied your reconsideration, you will still have your original offer.

You can talk to someone directly. Call admissions and ask to speak to an admissions counselor. Not the person who answers the phone. An actual admissions rep. They will put you through to one and you can ask all of your questions.

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The freshman English class aims to take students wherever they are and make them better writers. It’s not “one size fits all” .
It means that Paterno fellows and Schreyer scholars take a one-year interdisciplinary class with readings, projects, field trips, and specific writing requirements covering both Freshman English and Communication 100.
Students who need help with writing specifically have special sections of English 15 with studio/workshop hours.
Students for whom English is not the native or home language have dedicated sections, too, tackling the special challenges that come with being bilingual.
Students who score high on the English section of the SAT/ACT can enroll in a section that meets their more advanced needs.
All students become better writers.


Are there folks still waiting on EA decision from Penn? My daughter applied in Oct and we haven’t heard anything yet. The portal says application is under review.


General Consensus is either SAT score or SRAR was not sent on time and the application moved from EA to rolling. You can confirm by calling penn state if this is what has happened to your application. You should hear by Jan 31 anyway for rolling.


Thanks so much for your help. I will be reaching out to them on Tuesday.

Can anyone tell me when new student orientation will be for summer start students?

My son applied same time and heard yesterday so hopefully you hear soon. It looks like it is rolling admissions now.

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Does anyone know when PENN State sends out merit award notifications?

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Hi. We were waiting, but we also know that even though DS sent application by 11/1, his guidance counselor didn’t send the recommendations in until 11/2 so he was not considered an EA applicant (we reached out to the local rep. who confirmed this). She confirmed he’d be in the first round post EA, which I think he must have been because there’s an acceptance today on the portal (might have been there yesterday, but DS is away and not checking everyday). He’s engineering, FYI. He’s hoping for honors - so more waiting.

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1° January if 'For the Glory"
2° Shreyer - with acceptance
3° Millenium - March

Does a student have to be in Schreyer HC to be in the Sapphire program? Do all Smeal admits receive an invite to apply to Sapphire? Just asking b/c D received an invite to apply to the Sapphire program today but did not apply to Schreyer.

Schreyer and Sapphire are not related.

Sapphire is through Smeal - their administration runs it.

Schreyer is a “college” and has its own administration, admissions, etc.

They may intersect. They may not.

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Sapphire is the “honors program” for business students. ~Top 10% invite, so, congrats to your daughter who must have the qualities they want! :crossed_fingers:


I understand the other schools have regular campuses, but if given the choice, we would have ONLY selected main campus. Regarding the high school–we are in NJ, according to Naviance 129 kids from our high school applied this year. Last year 110/52 were chosen. I was told that there is extremely limited room at main campus, especially for boys. While it’s disappointing, I am happy they made this decision easy for us! :smile:

Was the invitation sent to your email address or your daughter’s? I received the invitation today for my daughter to apply to Sapphire, but she didn’t receive anything (nothing in spam either). Makes me wonder if she’s missed other correspondence as well.

**Update- Spoke too soon. She just received it.


Do you mind posting her stats please?

Is For the Glory happening this year?

How do we know if we are a direct admit to Smeal or not? I got an invitation to apply for the Sapphire program and I’m hoping that means I’m in the top 10% of their incoming class but still wanted confirmation on the direct admit status.

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My daughter was also accepted for summer session to business. She should not have put she was willing to start in the summer because she’s not. Oh well. PSU off the list, but has other good options