Please, chance and match me for a full ride! A Russian ginger, poor yet artistic, without SAT

Yes, the visa itself may only cost $500, but getting it can cost more. The student has to gather supporting paperwork and may have to travel to the consulate/embassy city for an appointment. I don’t think there is a consulate open in Russia any more, so she’d have to go to another country to have it processed.

When my niece did a semester in France, she had to travel from Denver to LA (the embassy assigned to Colorado residents) to get a student visa, appear at a specific time, present her documentation. I’m sure it cost $1000 to fly, stay overnight, take an Uber to the embassy, etc. (and that didn’t include her mother going along). Tickets from Asia to the US right now can be $7-10k. I have no idea what they are from Russia.

USA student visa process step by step

  1. Be accepted onto an educational program: Your chosen institution’s international student office will send you an I-20 form. This form needs to be kept safe, as you’ll need it for your visa interview.

  2. **Register for SEVIS and pay the fee 350): This means the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System need to have your fee before the DS-160 is completed.

  3. Complete and pay for an online non-immigrant visa application (DS-160 - $160): You’ll also need to upload a photo of yourself that meets specific requirements, and provide any other requested documents.

  4. **Schedule an appointment for a visa interview: This needs to be done at the U.S Embassy or Consulate in the country where you live. At this interview you will be questioned on things such as previous test scores and your finances.

  5. Receive a decision: At your interview you should receive a decision on your application.

Despite all the situation, there are people from Russia who were accepted to the US this year.
Thank you very much for the advice and the article! However, as far as I know, Poland has never been friendly to Russia, so I doubt that it is so hospitable to Russian applicants… Just like Estonia and Czech

I do not know whether I can be considered as an exceptional artist. I am not that good at traditional paint, I am not, say, Aivazovsky at all… :"D
Thank you very much. Without full foundation (flight, tution, living (even a bit!)…), I cannot go anywhere…

Thank you, very informative.
I work, so it is possible save money for this operation. And it is much cheaper than any college’s fees anyway…

Again I urge you to look for affordable options in your home country. I know you stated you would like to leave Russia but IMO getting a college education should be your prime objective.


Thank you for the advice. Sounds as if I am hopeless haha

You are not hopeless, but your quest to study in the United States is likely not to be possible. Hopefully there are options in your own country or in other countries that will help you get the education that you are seeking.

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I don’t agree. I think you aren’t hopeless the world was just made unfair for many (we can’t do much about it) but I think you should definitely keep your head up. No one in this world can take you rights for opportunity and for education. I would say try to get into a university

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Summer tuition is in-state rate for all at many US public colleges, even the flagship state U’s, and also at community colleges. If you could get together enough money for airfare and summer tuition at a community college, you could probably come for summer semester next year. Let’s say that airfare is a thousand (could definitely be less), plus $600/course for the summer. If you were to take 2-4 classes, that would be about 1200 to 2400 in tuition for that semester. It would give you a start, allow you to get a feel for at least community college in the US.

Good suggestion, but the US embassy and consulates in Russia are not currently issuing visas so OP will have additional travel costs to visit Kazakhstan or Belgrade to get a student visa.

Also, airfares have gone up dramatically in the past year. OP should expect to pay over $2,500 for a round trip fare to the US based on current fares.