Please Chance Me for these Schools: Purdue, NCSU, RIT, UNC, Georgia Tech, V Tech

I am a rising senior and getting ready to apply for college soon. Please chance me for the schools listed in the title.

State: NC
Male (Indian)
Middle Class
Major Intent: Computer Science

Rank: 40/503 (about top 8%)
GPA(Unweighted): 3.958 (I got just my one and only B in AP Calc BC)
GPA(Weighted): 4.52
SAT: 1450 (680 E, 770 M)
APs taken: Human Geo, Psychology, CSP, Calc AB, Calc BC, US History, Env. Science, English Lang
APs that I will be taking senior year: CS, Physics 1, Statistics

Dual Enrollment Credits that I have taken: Principles of Microeconomics (Grade: A)

DE Credits that I will be taking over senior year: General Chemistry I, General Physics I, Art Appreciation, Intro to Sociology, Intro Interpersonal Com

Teacher Recs: Pretty standard, nothing over the top

Artificial Intelligence Internship at a fish/marine species company
Marketing and Business Development Internship at a fitness company
Marketing Ambassadorship at a sports company
Piano for 9+ years w/3 Public Performances
Volunteered at a tutoring institution for about 6 months pre-covid
Operations Manager (Board Position) for Data Science Club (School-led Club)

SAS Base Programming Specialist (Certification)
Google IT Support Specialization (Certification)
AoPS Alcumus Contest: 7th of 100+ people (2019) (Math Award)
AoPS Alcumus Contest 14th of 100+ people (2020) (Math Award)
County STEM Fair Award - 3rd Place | Create an App Challenge

Thanks in advance.

What county are you in in NC - this will make a big difference for in state schools. GT will be a high reach.


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GT is a reach.

Purdue is probably a match, maybe a slight reach. CS has become quite competitive there over the past few years.

Hopefully there are safety schools below these.

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Really? I can’t even get into any of the schools that I have mentioned above? Just feels super bad because I thought my stats and stuff were very solid

CS is a impacted major across many schools with a much lower admission rate than the general admission rate most places. Georgia Tech is the number 1 undergrad CS school in the US. Even in state it is a high target/reach if you are from the Atlanta area. OOS is a high reach - too many people with same or better stats and stronger ECs.

You have also listed all state schools which will have preference for in state residents. You need to look at the out of state major specific admission rates. UNC may be a match but not sure about whether it is in CS. Same with NCSU. None are safeties. UNC and NC State may have the same situation that UGA and Georgia Tech do with regard to highly populated counties, which is that they can only take so many. I have heard UNC definitely does this so Wake may be more competitive than a more rural area.

Well I do have some safeties like ASU, ECU, and UNCC.
Can I get into these at least?

I really don’t want to end up at a safety, though.

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If you wouldn’t be happy at ASU, ECU, or UNCC then they aren’t true safeties. Dig a bit deeper to find safeties that you would be happy to attend. That said I think you have a solid shot at many of the schools on your list. Just none are a sure thing for CS.


No one “wants” to end up at a safety, but many do. This year was very unpredictable and next year will likely be as well so you want a well rounded list where you have options that you are happy to go to. You have listed all large state schools with Division 1 sports. Is that because those appeal to you (my current senior did and that was all he applied to)?

The good news is that while CS is a tough admit many places, there are tons of jobs and it is very employable. I would look at University of South Carolina as well. Great Honors College and it is a back up for many NC kids.

Are you taking the SAT again? My senior had the same grades, higher test scores and is going to what was categorized as a safety :slight_smile:


Yea I’m taking it again with the hopes of a 1500+.
And yeah, I’ve looked into USC but I don’t like it at all. Well I’m also applying to schools like ECU and ASU right, so wouldn’t those complete my list of a well rounded list?
I don’t want to go to a safety not because I don’t like the school, but it would hurt that my peers are getting into better schools. If you have any tips on what to do this summer, I would be more than happy to grind it out to enhance my application and be more qualified for a T20 CS school. Thanks.

Meaning that only colleges which are difficult for you to get admitted to are colleges you would be satisfied with? Then you have no possible safeties.

Also, do you know that you and your parents can afford all of the colleges on your list?


Yeah I guess I have no “true” safeties then, I am just applying just to be safe.
And yeah, I’ve talked to my parents about it; it should be fine.

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  1. I believe you will get into all ….with the exception of Ga Tech. You have safeties on your list. If you lived outside NC, UNCwould be tough but in state you’ll be in.

  2. A safety does not just mean one you can get in but one you can afford. It also means Yiu would find it acceptable to attend.

  3. I assume you mean App State, not Arizona State. Also a great school. Both are. Why don’t you add in South Carolina instead of ECU. You will get into their top ranked Honors program and it will be cheap.

Remove any school…but one…if you have zero interest in attending. You do need one with assured affordability. You have that Abd U of SC would be as well.

  1. Why RIT ? Have you looked at RPI, WPI, RHIT as well?

You are fine. But if you ask for a chance me so don’t be shocked at any result.

What does it should be fine mean? Do you qualify for financial aid? Are your parents willing to pay $200,000 or more a year for you to go to undergraduate? These are very important conversations that should guide your college applications. It doesn’t make sense to apply to Purdue and Georgia Tech which give almost no merit aid if you do not qualify for financial aid unless your parents are willing to pay out-of-state tuition at full freight.

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I mean Arizona State. I also chose RIT because it seemed like the vibe for me based off of the campus and stuff; I don’t really know how to find colleges that are right for me so as long as the ranking is good then it should be fine. Thanks

Not as confident about his in state options as you are coming from Wake county as a CS applicant. “You are in” means a safety and I don’t think either of them are.

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Fine as in I’m applying because I don’t know if I will get a scholarship or not. For example if I get into NCSU with a fee of 15K per year compared to a tuition of 60K a year at Purdue, then I will go with NCSU. I’m applying to see what my prices will be after all the admission decisions

Have your parents given you a price limit?

If a college’s price after any need-based financial aid is higher than the price limit, then you are aiming for merit scholarships, not just admission. This will move the college into a more difficult category (e.g. a match for admission becomes a reach for the needed merit scholarship).


Purdue is not $60k per year. Much less. Arizona State is a wonderful school with a great Homors Program. If cost is an issue, also consider U of Arizona which is less.

RIT is great in some areas, not as strong in others.

You do need a budget. That is always first thing. You also need to learn the actual estimated cost of attendance and don’t assume like you did with Purdue. Always add a few thousand to be safe. College cost more than they say.

Finally what does like the vibe from the campus and stuff mean. Have you been (to RIT)? just seen pictures ?

What are your hot buttons ? What is your max spend ? Do you like large or small, urban or suburban etc.

Seems like you chose names you’ve heard of but with no real plan behind it although you picked some fine schools. But a fine school that doesn’t meet your need is not fine for you.

@VirginiaBelle - as we all are amateur admissions counselors, I believe the students rigor and other will get him into UNC. CS is popular there but it’s my ‘opinion’ as an in-state student, even from wake he’d be in. But this is why one develops a full and complete list.