Possible Changes To Benacquisto and Florida Aid

Super helpful and long thread, thanks everyone. New here, checking options for D22 out of state.
Can someone please validate my conclusions from reading:

  1. UF is no-go for OOS starting with class of 2022.
  2. USF has announced their own NMF package for class of '22, no significant change, still an option.
  3. UCF is TBD, they had a package prior to OOS Benacquisto and fingers crossed will offer again, and they guarantee for the 4 years.

I got word from Luke at UCF that mid-October is when they might post new info, which would refresh the existing newsletter: National Merit Scholarship Program | UCF Undergraduate Admissions


That all looks correct as of now. Just to add:

  1. FSU offers a OOS tuition waiver (reduces it from ~$19k to ~$6k), plus about $3k/year in additional scholarships.

FSU also still has its Presidential Scholarship, which is a separate application and is competitive. They have about 25 Presidential Scholars in each class. About 60 are invited to the interview weekend. They receive an additional $2400 a year and $12000 for summer study over 4 years, plus other perks. It is not NMF specific but I mention it here because NMFs attending FSU would have a good chance at it.


If they can return to the prior Scholarship (pre Benacquisto), my d2023 would be list them as the #1 choice.


UCF, their page has a newsletter not out yet for future NMF…

has anyone heard about the UCF package yet?

The UCF National Merit page has changed! It used to say this year’s newsletter would be out in early October. Now…it says it’s coming out sometime.